Where is ARCHIKING located?
The address of Shenzhen Changle Enhui Technology Co.,ltd can be obtained on the website or you can simply inquire the staff for more detailed information. Enjoying a very convenient location and boasting for finest-quality professional hair styling tools , it has attracted many clients to pay visits. You're welcome to see the factory at any time. Simply make a contact in advance, the professional staff are ready to pick you up at the designated place.

Since established, we have been developing high quality hair styling tools for years. ARCHIKING is mainly engaged in the business of wand curling iron and other product series. AchiKing hair curling tools must go through a large number of manufacturing steps which mainly include shoe pattern design, cutting, stitching, and assembling. MCH heating technology is applied in the product. AchiKing colleagues deeply believe the culture of the company. MCH heating technology is applied in the product.

We give our clients a better understanding and confidence in their ceramic curling iron related projects. Get quote!
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