what is the best drugstore anti wrinkle cream? two straight answers

by:AchiKing     2020-05-26
Want to know what is the best wrinkle cream in the pharmacy?
Don\'t confuse, but there are two answers.
Simple and clear here.
If you are referring to a prescription anti-wrinkle cream, there is only one drug-vitamin A acid. (
There is more than one brand but there is no \"best\" because it is the same drug. )
It has some really serious side effects and very few children of women
There is a risk of birth age: birth defect, miscarriage, premature birth or infant death.
This is a derivative of vitamin A, so you are advised not to take vitamin A or any supplement containing vitamin A when using vitamin A acid products.
Finally, there is an amazing warning for anyone of any age and gender: the side effects of vitamin A acid \"can damage your mind or reaction.
Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires clarity and vigilance.
\"So my direct answer is: I personally will not use anything on my skin with this known risk or the need for such a warning.
But when you say the pharmacy anti-wrinkle cream, you may mean something you can buy at the counter and do not need a prescription.
In this case, in years of searching, I have never found a pharmacy product that meets my two simple requirements :--
Effective ingredients proven in clinical trials, concentration is effective enough-
There are no ingredients for known safety issues.
In fact, most skincare products contain a small number of key ingredients that are not enough to complete the work.
Usually, they seem to carry enough ingredients, so the ingredients can be listed on the label.
A good example is that it has a strong natural antioxidant and has a good skin care effect.
Many products contain this substance, but it is not enough to complete the work, and it is almost always in the form of a skin that is not easy to absorb ---
The molecules are too large to penetrate the skin.
The best form I know is nano. Lipobelle H-
EQ10, CoQ10 in nano-materials
In other words, lipids are tiny particles that go deep into the skin.
It is 5% CoQ10 and 10% Natural Vitamin E, a combination strength that has proven to be very effective for wrinkles in clinical trials.
More often, very unpopular ingredients in skin care, such as Vaseline (
Vaseline or gutter oil)
It\'s cheap, but it can clog pores, peel your skin out of natural grease and eventually dry your skin.
I have listed more dangerous skin care ingredients on my website.
So, this is my second direct answer to this question, what is the best pharmacy anti-wrinkle cream?
As far as I know, there is no \"best.
I don\'t know which one I would recommend.
See my website information for better options.
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