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by:AchiKing     2020-05-18
I don\'t know about you, but I think I went there and did it and got t-
Shirt when it comes to wall tiles.
I never thought I would experience the wonderful feeling of seeing something new and amazing in the wall brick world.
Am I living in a cave with a blindfold in the dark?
Have I been sent to another planet without walls?
Am I stuck on an island in the middle of the South Pacific?
No, I live in the Chicago area and I thought I should see what\'s going on with the 21st century wall tiles.
That\'s a good idea! So I did. . .
As I began to explore all the possibilities, I began to realize that wall tiles have become an amazing art form of decoration that has really evolved over the past few years.
When I looked at the wall brick form available today, every step of my search brought me into the new exciting material, style, color, even the most discreet person, also will love the shape and texture.
At the beginning, I met wall tiles that were familiar to even the most novice wall brick searchers.
These wall tiles are made of ceramics, glass, limestone, marble/Granite, porcelain, Slate, lime and mosaic.
The tiles I saw for the first time were only rustic.
There are more options for glass wall tiles.
Different shapes of glass in each tile, more
Color tiles and a range of surface textures.
When I look at the glass bricks, I find that you can buy glass bricks of various colors under the rainbow.
The glass tile texture option is open to what you want.
A wide variety of styles is one of the biggest styles in the tile family.
The limestone wall tiles are mostly earth-toned, but offer a variety of design patterns and boundaries.
This makes it possible to mix and match designs on the walls around you to create wall brick artwork.
Marble/granite wall tiles are mainly presented in non-colored tones
White and beige but dark brown marble and water blue granite tiles are also available.
This is nothing new.
This type of wall brick has been around for a long time.
Most of the porcelain wall tiles are medium to dark brown and Brown.
Except for the Slate (
A mosaic porcelain style)and Cognac (
With design patterns
Most of your tiles are solid.
In general, slate tiles combine the colors of the Earth\'s tones and creatively combine them into each tile.
Depending on the specific color combination you want, gray, brown and red Brown are mixed in the display.
With lime wall tiles, you can choose from a variety of colors.
Earth tones from Brown and Beige, from rustic walnuts to golden volcanoes, from Egyptian gold to Tuscan blend, these tiles have a long history of natural beauty.
You must be familiar with mosaic tiles.
Each tile consists of a small tile or stone placed in a certain geometric pattern.
There are a variety of colors to choose from.
You can also choose a tile or stone with a flat or polished finish.
Now let\'s take a look at what I\'m talking about interesting wall tiles.
These are wall tiles that you have to see in order to give full play to their unique elegance.
Let\'s start.
Now, I\'m going to see what the handmade wall tiles offer.
First of all, I will describe handmade tiles in a series of colors, such as mohaway, Dijon, vermouth, espresso, Savannah, breakwater and several other clever shades.
This is Ashbury series.
As for the textured surfaces of these tiles, they appear in the elegant textured designs of Anchor Bay, Dubois, Ghiradelli, Montero, Presidio, Soledad and several others
You have to see for yourself how beautiful these things are.
Let\'s take a look at the classic Shapes series.
Here we have classic beige tones in elegant shapes called Mini akasans, dots and dashboards, Acropolis of Athens, Crown and parking corner, grid of Peter
To see the clear details of these works, you have to check them online. The Artisan-
The estate includes country hens, Roosters and a rich platter.
The titles of these works do describe what is present on the tiles, but do not express the details that these beautiful tiles will bring to your kitchen decor.
You must see these beautiful works with your own eyes to feel the charm and warmth of each work.
Before I go ahead and work on modern wall tiles, I would like to delve into the Olde California series.
This collection consists of multiple
The color design on these tiles makes them an ideal addition to any room that shows them.
There are titles such as Adobe, Patio, Plaza, Benecia, Clara, Diego, mohaway, St. Gabriel, St. Louis Rey and Vallejo, all you need to see is a rich Spanish heritage dedicated to these extraordinary ceramic tile works of art.
The other series in the handmade tile category are the preferred series, the leisure elements series, the paper scraps series, The Campagna series and the traditional Pecos.
Take a few minutes to explore these and all the other things I mentioned.
You will find out how to create a charming atmosphere in a comfortable home.
It\'s time to look at the modern wall tiles.
This version of the tile is creating a new frontier that will pave the way for the fashion of artistic expression in the coming generations.
I will start with the tile category.
Here you will find modern wall tiles in themes such as glass tiles, tile mixture, tiles/tiles, cork tiles, cobblestone tiles, steel tiles, Brio, lush, etc, MoD points and MoD rocks.
Now I will try to provide you with some basic information about each of them.
Remember, these are all modern tiles.
Modern glass tiles have mosaics, mixes, squares, subways, recycling and tattoos.
Of all these modern glass bricks, I thought I would give you an idea about the style of the glass tattoo.
You have sailor girl, Compass Blue, anchor, Compass red, koi, Swallow, dagger heart and mother heart.
If you are familiar with common tattoos, then you will know what these glass tiles look like.
Otherwise, check out these and all the modern glass bricks I mentioned on the Internet.
Turn to modern tile mix.
That\'s how it sounds.
These tiles are made of a mixture of different tile materials.
Here you can pick from the tile mixture already classified by the manufacturer, or you can put your own custom blend tiles together with unlimited possibilities.
Now let\'s discuss the modern ceramic wall tiles.
There are two main styles to choose from for modern ceramic/tile.
First of all, you have your Mod point.
These are glazed porcelain.
There are multiple colors to choose from, and you can mix and match color points on any wall either indoors or outdoors for a modern look.
Another style of modern ceramic/ceramic wall tiles is called raw bricks.
The original tiles come from fabric design and graphics.
The process of making these tiles was first used by the Persians, and over the years the technology was introduced to California from immigrant Spaniards.
The modern version introduces a pattern or design that matches the contemporary decoration on the tile.
The next step is the modern cork tile.
This cork tile follows the footsteps of the Mod Dot tile.
This is a cork mosaic with round coins.
You can choose to dye the Cork ring to whatever color you choose, or you can retain the natural color of the cork using wood stains.
The sealing device must be used before grouting the cork tile.
In order to fully appreciate the beauty, you must see examples of finished products.
The next example of our modern wall tiles is pebble tiles.
This is a natural Polished Pebble.
There are now six color combinations.
These tiles are mesh-mounted and are shaped interlocking.
These tiles have excellent durability and can be used indoors or outdoors.
So now we come to stainless steel tiles.
This tile is built with a heavy porcelain base and 1mm stainless steel cover.
This tile is ideal for kitchen tailgate applications.
It is not recommended for water applications such as spa or swimming pool.
There are six styles to choose from and you\'ll be sure to find the one that matches the app.
For those looking to be green, most of the glass modern wall tiles I \'ve been to also have recycled materials.
All of these products are environment-safe and are usually easy to apply.
If you are ready to make a compelling, compelling look for one or more rooms in your home, then you should seriously consider the tiles.
You will see an ordinary room suddenly become a masterpiece.
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