the water bottle hair curling hack: tried and tested

by:AchiKing     2020-06-01
Huda Kattan knows her skills. Her three-year-
The billion-dollar old brand is one of the fastest.
The world\'s growing beauty brand and her Instagram @ hudabeauty are the 28 most watched beauty accounts on the platform.
Fans 8 million.
The world will notice this when Huda supports hacking.
This explains to some extent why this week is-
Household hair hacker virus spread.
With only one cleverly cut water bottle and a hairdryer, Kattan can create the perfect bounce curls in just a few minutes. “OMG! ! ?
Have you tried this hacker? !
Curly hair with water bottle!
I had to try & I had to say it worked!
It took me less than 1 minute to do my whole hair! !
This must be the best curling hack ever!
She wrote on her Instagram post. We\'re curious. Could it work?
Does this mean that we don\'t have to pay for the blow-dry anymore?
The ES team decided to risk their lives and lock them to test the trick.
We armed ourselves with a simplified hairdryer kit (
We are super powerful from Cloud 9. , a 2-
A liter of water bottle and a pair of scissors.
Everyone\'s conclusion: Sabrina Carder \"as someone who used to light hair and blow out a 12-year-old birthday candle, heat plus hair is not my favorite combination in the world.
I am optimistic about the curling technique because I like-
But alas, it doesn\'t even have my poker straight hair thin.
\"Also, this can be a bit of a safety risk considering the state of the final plastic water bottle.
Not recommended to friends.
\"My hair refused to cooperate, even in the hands of some of the best hair stylists in the capital, so I was surprised by the hint of the waves.
Definitely not a roll of curly hair or a mess.
It seems better to use a larger part of the hair, with a larger part (thicker)
Bottles that don\'t melt quickly, try not to think of all the burning plastic . . . . . . \"Chloe Street\", from Reissue to expensive scalp treatments, I\'m ready to go to almost any length to give me some volume of extremely thin and long hair, so I\'m excited to be in-
Home beauty hackers promise to provide beautiful bounce locks for free in just a few minutes.
\"What I actually got was just a knotted matte hair and some slightly burnt fingers.
Also, I may have finally got the Blue Peter badge.
Not recommended to friends.
\"I think it has potential, but I\'m a little worried that the plastic will melt into my hair and it will be a disaster.
If I could get it to work, it would definitely save me a lot of time to curl my hair.
I would recommend it if your hair is not prone to rashness.
\"Sophie Warner\" is a bit awkward to get the hang of, not sure if I\'ll fit it into my daily routine!
I think I will insist on leaving the curling pot to professionals . . . . . . But it\'s cool if you look at your coins at the end of the month.
Cheap curls. -What don\'t you like?
\"Ellie Davis\" did not burn my hair in a positive way.
But can I use it for the curling? No.
Will I use it to create \"roll out of bed easily?
It is possible, but there is a simpler way to achieve this and it is unlikely that you will be permanently burned.
I\'m totally in favor of getting a little hot damage, but it has to provide the result.
That said, I want to give it another chance!
\"Watch the video above to see the results.
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