the hair styling segment is starting to feel the heat.

by:AchiKing     2020-05-22
Regardless of Leonard Lloyd\'s famous lipstick index, hairstyle is one of the most reliable indicators of consumer confidence.
When the cosmetics market is affected, hair styling is always one of the first categories of products to feel the heat, as evidenced by the 2004 and first product range in 2005.
Sales have fallen in France.
Between $ 6% and $0. 715 billion.
The German market was hit even more, down 3.
Between $ 9% and $0. 624 billion, the Italian market suffered more losses, with sales of up to £ 4.
It\'s $ 2% lower.
Only Spain and Britain can sustain growth.
The Spanish market is getting smaller and smaller.
Between $ 6% and $0. 241 billion, poor performance in light of the market boom.
The same is true of Britain, which has an economic growth rate of 1.
For the 12 months ended June 2005, $ 4% to $0. 405 billion was also different from the rest of the market.
Sales of Hairspray in other regions, except Spain, have declined.
No matter how many clothes the industry is trying to put on them, consumers will not buy hairspray because hairspray is a key component of their groomingroutine ---
This is too outdated when there are many newer, cooler formats to choose from.
Nevertheless, Taylor Nelson Sofres ETCD shows that hair gel still maintains the highest penetration rate in Germany (23%), France (14%), Spain (10%)and the UK (13%).
Italians like hairspray, with a penetration rate of 11%.
Due to the high overall product utilization rate, the penetration rate of the gel was 13%, while France, the UK and Spain lagged behind 10%, 9% and 8% respectively.
Mousse also has the highest penetration rate in Germany (13%)
By contrast, Spain was 9%, Britain was 7%, France was 5%, and Italy was 4%.
Wax is not under strong control anywhere.
UK consumers use the most, with a penetration rate of 4%.
Only 2% of the French and Germans use wax, and only 1% of the Spaniards and Italians use wax.
The use of other formats is incomplete, ranging from 7% in the UK and Germany to 1% in Spain.
Considering the penetration of these products, it is not surprising that Germans are the hardest users of styling products, and they often use them in large quantities ---
Seven times a week on average.
Next is UKis for 31% and 6. 1 occasions.
Followed by France, 20% and 5.
6%, followed by Spain, 27% and 4. 9 occasions.
Italy came last at 24% and 4. 9 occasions.
While it is difficult to improve in this situation, the industry is still working to increase penetration and attract more people into this category.
Depending on age, lifestyle, and hair type, these efforts are focused on segments where the product offers a specific look and additional care benefits.
A man who wants the most attractive consumer group on the market is a man who seems to have the most potential.
Of course L\'Oreal thinks so.
In the professional field, the company has launched Redken for men, a production line that says it can replace protein and glucose lost due to pollution, stress and climate conditions.
The series includes a modified finishing cream forhold and a light and wet look, a more efficient look of motorized wax and a pomade known as polished, offering flexible, powerful clarity and gloss.
L\'Oreal\'s consumer department has launched Studio Line pure, a modern look for men.
Thanks to the waterproof combination of the fixed polymer and gycerol, it maintains a wet look of up to 12 hours.
The party proved to be a more extreme retention gel, resistant to water and sweat by mixing a fixed polymer with a waterproof technique.
LaScad\'s Vivelle Dop Le gel flashing agent adds sparkling particles for a more glamorous look
Fruit microwax, extract and vitamin PP and pro-vitamin B5.
Alberto Culver promises more urban style, especially in the UK, where his vo5 brand has a strong appeal to men.
The company has developed a water curtain complex, a resin with greater resistance to humidity.
The gel looks moist, sturdy, remade jelly with extreme style.
Men are attracted to this unusual form.
Rich in fruit and microwax, Frucmanga Head puttyis provides spikes for short shapes.
At the same time, Aveda introduced a kind of parchment paper control tape
Similar strips dissolved into liquid-shaped gel when in contact with water.
Organic flax seeds, pralan starch and marshmallow help keep the hair strong while the glycerin adds luster and aloe vera and black tea protect the hair from heat.
When it comes to women, Sunsilk (Unilever)
Try to attract new users by launching a full styling series.
It includes easy-to-understand products such as dry blow assist mousse, volume booster mousse, durable hair gel, iron effect straightening cream and creionwax.
Strangely, one of the few clips that therange did not explicitly mention was curly hair ---
It is estimated that 54% of women share a common feature.
However, other brands are not slow in meeting the needs of controlled curls, emphasizing manageability and eliminating rashness.
For example, L\'Oreal\'s Elvive has launched two stylists--
Defines strong anti-curl control for cream and smoothFrizzcreme-
And Styliste curl control mousse.
In Germany, Wella also focuses on removing curls from curls.
Wellaflex Locken foam mousse and fresh spraypromise elastic retention and volume as well as natural definition of curls.
In Italy, the curly hair of the two men of cheroalto, lineadiscipante anti-Crespo e anti-Umiditi protectscurly hair manic spray Disciplinante silcon-based anti-
Formula for humidity.
To ensure that no one is left out, Fluido Disciplinante is said to have maintained a curly and straight style with no rashness.
Collistarintrodued a pull serum to reduce rashness is called SieroLisciante Anticrespo, bamboo bone marrow, oats, sheabutter, jojoba essential oil.
King of rashness-
John Frieda is free and he expanded his range of manic relief in the form of a direct injection potion.
The purpose of the spray is to pull down the straight hair without an iron and fix the damage previously caused by the use of the heating styling tool.
The teen market is an attractive prospect for brands as they are more likely to try new things and respond to innovative marketing campaigns.
With this in mind, in Germany, Gard (Colgate-Palmolive)
Support its new style series through the phone \"flirtingcompetition\" with 10 free text messages, free downloads and-cards.
The product in question is the new style of bed appearance, XXL wet geland styling gel for extra retention.
For the elderly, the brand uses-
Aging Skin Care technology in styling products designed for older consumers.
For example, Kao\'s Guhl launched two-
Aging styling products for mature hair have become fine or soft.
The ReVite Kraft styling provides a hair gel and mousse with Arabic acacia collagen, which is reported to fill the damaged area of the hair and rejuvenate the hair.
Volume is another key message, and brands use volume as a way to attract people\'s attention to Hairspray in addition to using it on mice.
Schwarzkopf & Henkel\'s Drei Wetter Taft silk collection, featuring silk protein, is designed to combine a 24-hour elastic volume with silky gloss, although VO5 volume enhanced thickening fog contains a mixture of five vitamins, it is said that these vitamins can enhance hair structure, enhance and thicken locks.
Murphy moves Kevin Murphy, a well
K KevinMurphy, a famous stylist, has just been released.
The product contains citron oil and plant extracts to protect the hair during styling.
The lineup includes hair.
Forbeach resort looks simple.
The rider of Frizz control, a wax called Rough.
Unruly riders with hair and oil
Anti-free volume. Gravity. Fresh. Hair andHair.
The screen is reversed.
Hair gel and Beauty Liquid have peculiar smell respectively.
Instead of stimulating the market with a lot of new products, many companies have scaled back their activities.
Those who are moving forward are dependent on innovative recipes, targeted claims, and most importantly price promotions.
So far, 2005 of the results are far from encouraging, and andit needs a brave marketer to predict that significant growth will resume by the end of this year.
Fashion prediction is a useful way to predict the direction of the new formula, so statements about long hair and smooth wave regression may provide clues for the future.
But, on the whole, we will definitely see that the benefits of more product offerings blur the boundaries between niche markets, and there is no rule out that selective brands will bring more development.
The high purchase of Morton Brown will inevitably bear fruit, and the purchase of Gillette by P & G may lead to the development of menspecific line.
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