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by:AchiKing     2019-12-06
The beauty and cosmetics industry has experienced a major boom in the past few years, and many international brands have entered this sacred space that makes us look and feel better.
Experts also believe that with this boom, there is more room for development in the beauty care industry.
Berina has always been a popular name for hair care products.
As early as the 1950 s, a brand established in Bangkok, Thailand, has been producing cosmetics.
Over time, it has built a reputation in a variety of professional styling and therapeutic product categories.
They also offer interesting color palettes.
It can be said that Berina straightening cream and products are the highest standards and quality known all over the world.
It wouldn\'t be wrong to say Berina is Thai No.
1 brand of hair care and color part, also in the process of creating logo in different countries.
Straightening has always been a very popular trend in hair care.
This is a styling technique that has been around since the beginning of 1980, including making the hair flat and straight to make it smooth, streamlined and smooth.
People can straighten their hair by using a hot comb and a chemical relaxing device.
While it is often recommended not to use chemicals, we can still see a lot of such care products in the market and show us miracles.
Berina is a chemical relaxing agent or a chemical miracle.
Hair Straightener cream.
Berina hair straightener cream is used for resistant hair.
It provides an ideal result that looks natural.
This product contains sulfur acid 9.
00% w/w and sodium bromide 12.
00% w/w, available in 3 different sizes.
The repeated use of a straight iron will eventually dry, crisp, and bad your hair.
It will eventually lose its luster and look dull.
There is also concern that the frequent use of straightening iron will cause a bifurcation.
That\'s why professionals usually recommend using a straightening cream on iron bars.
How to use Berina hair straightener cream :-
It is recommended to straighten;
Use Berina protein conditioner and hair care.
This will help to produce a healthy look and increase the volume of hair.
Berina Cream comes in three different sizes, 60gm, 110gm and 300 gms.
Over time, this straightening cream has not only been recognized by ordinary customers, but also by professionals, such as makeup artists, hair stylists and celebrities in the charm industry.
It is used across salons and is highly recommended.
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