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by:AchiKing     2020-06-16
When I started professional testing tools in 1992, the most effective general woodworking power tools today didn\'t even exist, but I\'m sure glad it\'s there now.
If you are building a deck, dock, picnic table or shed then an influential driver is needed on your wish list.
This has been the case since the impact driver appeared at the Canadian construction site in 2002, but recent innovations have made these spectacular tools better than ever.
Impact drive is the ultimate screw-driving tool.
They sink the screws faster than the cordless electric drill of the same size, which is important because the screws are an increasingly important part of the way they are built today.
But for crash drivers, speed is not even the best.
More importantly, these tools also retain the tip of the screw
Driving the drill bit with a screw head is more solid, almost eliminating the frequent slippage and frustration of driving the screw with a common cordless drill.
I \'ve never seen anyone go back to using the drill bit to drive the screws after trying the crash driver, due to the different ways these two tools rotate.
The nose of each collision driver is designed to accept this standard. inch hex-
There are drivers and screwdrivers in hardware stores everywhere, but not non-stop rotation —
Same as drill.
The impact drive rotates about half a circle forward, then a bit back, rotating multiple times per second.
The result is that the sound is quite loud and harsh when the collision driver is running under load, but that\'s a small price for the benefits they offer. The two-steps-forward-one-step-
The rear rotation mode resets the screwdriver tip of the screw head to keep the parts connected and merged to eliminate sliding.
This feature has always been the basis for affecting driver performance, but now it has been enhanced by something that even the tired old tool testers like me are surprised.
Better batteries and more efficient brushless motors are the two most important innovations in the field of cordless tools at present, and these advantages will provide special benefits for collision drivers.
This is because the smaller and stronger the collision driver, the more convenient it is to use.
Manufacturers around the world are scrambling to redesign cordless tools to include brushless motors, which is a good thing.
The performance test I run shows that the brushless motor provides more work than the brushed motor at a given battery level
Fashion cars have been around for decades.
The brushless motor is also more than 10 times longer than the Brush Motor.
Stylish motor before wear.
To watch a tutorial on how to build a brushless motor technology and check out the detailed results of my performance test, please check my video on wwwSteveMaxwell. ca/brushless-drill-video. Third-
Lithium generation-
Ion batteries are the second innovation you should know.
Not all of the brushless tools have these, but they are worth looking. First-
Lithium generation-
Ion batteries were available for cordless power tools in 2005, a big step forward at the time.
Not so good, some tool manufacturers are still using the original or second tool
Today\'s battery generationThird-
Lithium generation-
For a given battery size and tool, Ion batteries provide about 50 per cent of running time and faster speed, although they don\'t look much different on the outside.
For more than five years, Maeda BTD141 18-
V shock is my favorite.
This is an amazing length of time for any tool that can be kept at the top of the heap.
Milwaukee 2653-
22 just came out and used it on my own project for a few weeks, which convinced me that it has now stolen the crown from old Makita.
Milwaukee does a lot of work at a given cost, it\'s fast, short and easy to handle.
It also has internal circuitry to protect the motor and battery from overheating, which prematurely shortens life in many other cordless tools.
The most common power tool questions I get are easy to understand, but the answer is not always simple: \"What is the best power tool brand outside?
\"The fair answer usually depends on the type of tool you\'re talking about, and the year you asked me.
Surprisingly, often more important than the brand is the executives behind the company at a specific time.
Tool users can never see this side of things, but I do.
Seeing how specific business leaders can inject vitality and innovation into different companies as they move from one brand to another within the industry is both fascinating and predictable.
This is a simple digital fact, for example, and now the largest number of cordless tool designs from Milwaukee.
The company is also led by the same people, who made amazing big things in the competitive tools company a few years ago.
Like many things in life, quality ultimately depends on people, not brands.
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