Refugees deserve help, but what about the EU poor?

by:AchiKing     2020-05-15
It says a lot about the pervasive ignorance in Western culture, and when a picture of a dead child causes so many people to express their feelings about their latte, forcing others to collect and assist refugees from Calais, Hungary, Greece and Turkey, does not at all understand why Alan and countless people like him are dead;
Why so many people suddenly come to Europe in spite of the enormous risks involved in such a dangerous journey.
The evacuation of large numbers of refugees from the Middle East did not begin with the death of the three men --
Syrian boy, aged
He is not the first child to drown in the attempt, nor will he be the last child to drown.
This outflow has taken place for three to four years, during which European governments have gone out of their way to deepen conflict, social collapse, and the unstable factors that now leave trauma in large areas of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
At this point, they got the help of a conspiracy media that succeeded in narrowing the world down to a struggle between the West --
Pillars of human rights, democracy and civilization --
There are others, including those who oppose human rights, democracy and civilization.
This narrative can only succeed with the acquiescence of the people, who are willing to suspend the world of distrust in recent years, in chaos and conflicts that have been rules rather than exceptions.
An example of the serious consequences of this unquestionable acceptance of their government and the media\'s own narrative is reflected in the upcoming visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya to the UK.
So here we have a government and a group of people who lament the death of this Syrian child before visiting Britain, who has hundreds of blood on his hands, A leader who is welcomed by the red carpet and respected is a mockery of anything close to justice.
Thankfully, not everyone turned a blind eye to this disgusting hypocrisy.
In the UK, for example, the apetition calling for arrest for war crimes has attracted enough signatures to spark debate in Parliament.
But even so, the reality is that people like David Cameron will go out of their way to emphasize Britain\'s friendship with this apartheid nation, and therefore spit on the grave and the pain of the people, their only crime is to dare to survive.
Across western Europe, in a wave of pro
The refugee sentiment that we have witnessed inevitably disappears, in which people who have previously been greeted with anger are for the first time seen as people in urgent need of help, and the government will face a difficult dilemma.
Under the austerity policies prevailing in Europe over the past few years, we have seen workers, the poor, the disabled and the most economically vulnerable people hit by income cuts, and the public services on which they rely are cut, poverty and despair are in many cases.
All of this is to cope with the economic downturn brought to the world by banks and financial systems, the system has more common points with casinos on the Las Vegas trail than with agencies for millions of pensions and investments.
The key is that the austerity policy has been sold and implemented on the basis that there is no other option and the funds needed to fund public services, wages and benefits are no longer available.
Now, however, all of a sudden, people are forced to suffer the worst under austerity, and they find it nonsense --
In terms of receiving thousands of refugees from the Middle East, there are actually funds.
This contradiction breeds danger because thousands of refugees have been absorbed from the Middle East and elsewhere, and unless immediate investment in infrastructure, services, housing, etc. can only successfully exacerbate cultural and social tensions, providing ammunition to the far right and refugees, immigrants and foreigners are not worth anything but hostility.
As for the politicians who are now clamoring to announce their willingness to invite Syrian refugees into their homes or second homes, how many homeless people do you think are walking or driving through London, Berlin, or Paris is experiencing despair every day, which does not mean that these refugees are not worth or deserve help.
They are clearly, especially those countries with their hands covered with the blood of millions of people in the Middle East, who have played a role in destroying the region, directly leading to the birth of ISIS and the spread of terrorism, and the resulting refugee crisis, which is now within the scope of the Bible.
But again, we cannot allow hypocrisy to flourish.
Western foreign policy has a direct and causal relationship with a world that has never been so polarized, divided between rich and poor, developed and underdeveloped.
In fact, the wealth of the Northern Hemisphere is based on poverty and worship in the southern hemisphere.
So it can be argued that those who arrived in Europe as thousands of people are now simply collecting debts that should have been repaid long ago.
Here we talk about the most disgusting aspects of this crisis.
For years, the West has been trying to isolate the Assad government and demonize it as morally equivalent to ISIS and other terrorist organizations that have written a new chapter in history in terms of brutality and evil.
They have fueled this evil, and until we see a western repositioning of Syria\'s policy, this barbaric act will continue.
The people of Western Europe take the lead from their political leaders, voluntarily receive refugees, take advantage of humanitarian concerns about the welfare of people, and now people are allowed into Europe, where they were not there before.
As for the EU, it is now operating only in nominal terms, with incredible disunity, division and dysfunction.
As a result of the inability to respond in a coordinated manner to this crisis, we now face a situation where the United Nations is required to participate.
This refugee crisis is not a European crisis, but a global humanitarian crisis caused by those in power who view the world through a distorted perspective, narrowing it down to a huge board, move, remove and replace the government at will.
Justice as the foundation of international affairs can never be replaced.
Each refugee is the victim of the former and the result of the latter\'s absence. LISTEN MORE:
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