New Wave: Best Cuts, Products and Styling Tips for Thick, Wavy Hair

by:AchiKing     2020-06-07
You are given thick curly hair, just like the Virgin Gina Rhodes.
This is a hair style suitable for fullness. bodied, va-va-
One day, the voom looks tricky. to-
The next moment of control. Luckily, E!
Style Collective member Marc Mena is a hair stylist for stars such as Tina Fey and Hilary Swank, who is sharing which product, style and hairstyle is the highest choice for this luxurious hairstyle.
Find the right hairstyle: for thick and wavy hair, the precise layered hairstyle increases the size while reducing the amount of frizz and unintentional Sia-
Like silhouette
\"When you have thick curly hair, a very layered hairstyle is the best because it prevents your hair from forming a triangle,\" the stylist suggested . \".
\"Layered haircuts maximize curls, while also taming them for best results.
\"Use the right product: Alcohol-
Styling products like hairspray can dry thick hair.
This can be particularly harmful to this type of hair, Mena notes, which is usually scorched in the first place.
But reach out and get the cream.
Hair care products-
Shampoo, conditioner and styling cream are included.
\"Deep penetration of cream nourishes all hair, not just the top layer (like silicone-based products),\" he said.
\"Thick hair contains many layers, so you want to make sure that the cream styling product runs through all the time.
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Work quarterly based on product
Put the styling cream into wet hair to shape and define layers and curls.
If the styling cream feels too greasy, try mixing your own custom styling products to achieve shine, control and shape.
\"Try different products,\" suggested Mena . \".
\"Try to mix the gel and leave --
A conditioner that helps fight rashness and controls curl.
Merge one quarter
The size of each product, suitable for wet hair, and then styling as normal.
\"Photo: Celebrity\'s favorite ecologybeauty products
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