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by:AchiKing     2020-05-31
Amika, one of the latest hair care brands in the scene, has introduced a full range of hair care accessories from Irons, curlers, hair care cosmetics including conditioner, shampoo, cream, facial mask, serum and spray.
Among its many products, its flat iron deserves special attention, because it has amazing properties and cutting-edge technology for manufacturing, which in turn is a mixture of ceramics, lithium ion, and nanotechnology.
There are 100% pieces of ceramic plate amika stylist to produce a natural source of energy like far infrared, far infrared deep drying to keep natural moisture and protect the hair from any damage when styling.
Far infrared also promotes hair softening by sealing the skin of the hair and locking the natural color of the hair.
This in turn helps to make your hair silky, smooth, shiny, soft, curly --
Free, gorgeous straightening effect.
The ceramic properties contained in the Amika stylist also help to steadily and evenly distribute the heat on the hair, eliminate destructive spots, and effectively maintain the heat.
In addition, one great thing about Amika flat iron is that most of them are combined with the properties of nanotechnology, and the highlight is that by eliminating the various contaminants, bacteria and chemicals in the hair, good for healthy hair styling.
Lithium ion technology adds to its high performance and its properties are to kill all kinds of bacteria and fungi that affect your scalp.
Amika allows you to choose from a variety of hair stylists such as ceramic stylists, professional stylists and wet to dry stylists.
Amika\'s ceramic stylist is really a special choice for those looking to have an incredible hairstyle effect at home.
What distinguishes Amika ceramic stylists from others is its high-end ceramic plate, coupled with an ultra-light and intuitive design.
This amazing Amika ceramic stylist has different models like Amika love your hair zebra ceramic stylist and Amika love your hair giraffe ceramic stylist amika love your hair deep purple ceramic stylist, amika love your hair midnight black ceramic stylist, Amika love your hair cheetah ceramic stylist, Amika love your hair real tattoo ceramic stylist.
In the case of Amika Pro stylist, it is equipped with two models such as Amika Love your hair solid silver tourmaline ceramic Pro stylist and Amika Love your hair Solid Gold
Amika pro stylist uses nano silver pellet design to guarantee sterile hair styling by destroying 99.
9% of bacteria, contaminants, and germs in shape.
Its highlights are also covered with 1 inch pieces of ceramic plates injected with tourmaline to help the hair shape smooth by avoiding breaking or pulling hair.
When it comes to Amika wet to a dry stylist, like Amika loves your hair solid pink wet to a professional stylist for dry tourmaline ceramics, amika loves your hair solid gold wet to dry bi they allow you to shape your hair quickly after washing it.
However, these stylists are not only wet to dry flat iron, but also include silver nano-silver elements as deodorant and ultra-wide plates that help shape faster.
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