making the cut

by:AchiKing     2020-05-27
Leo Alphons had a good laugh.
Especially when he talks about an unexpected shift in his career.
Hair styling is the last thing he came to Kochi from kotlemam after he finished the project.
The film is worth making, he said.
When he began to tell the story, it turned out that it would be an interesting script.
In order to find a job in West Asia, he continued to study engineering courses.
Unfortunately, he did not.
\"But the result is the best, isn\'t it?
He thought loudly.
He has two salons in the city.
A few months later, traveling to Paris, \"If I get my visa on time, attend the World Hair Fair in Paris and the Advanced Hair class from Barcelona.
Hair stylists from all over the world will showcase popular trends and the latest hairstyles at the Hair Fair.
\"About 20-
Of the most creative hair stylists in L\'Oreal, there are 25, and about 3,000 hair stylists will attend the fair.
In Barcelona, he will learn more about hairstyle.
There are not many experiments he has done here.
\"No one here has a short haircut.
Anyway, what can you do with long hair?
Few people come to buy real short hair, which is something I like to do.
\"He has seven stylists, but he does it himself when it comes to short hair.
\"Otherwise it will go wrong and then there will be a lot of answers to do,\" he laughs . \".
Think he just wants to start a business, \"any low-cost enterprise.
He had thought about starting a DTP company, but then needed to invest, so he chose a cheaper option.
\"I think people need a place to get their hair cut.
So why not open a hair salon?
I bought a pair of scissors, a cut chair, hired a few people and rented a 200 square foot house. ft.
I do business with me. ” Of the two-
Staff, one left in a few weeks.
This is in Espalanade at the monastery junction on 2005.
The next year, he found someone who lived for nearly a year.
\"Then he quit.
Just then, Leo said he decided to hold something, or scissors, in his hand, more precisely.
\"I don\'t think it\'s too hard.
So I learned through trial and error that it\'s not as hard as it looks.
This is also the time for John Abraham\'s long straight lock to make a fashion statement.
\"Everyone wants this look and business to be \'OK \'.
In 2008, Destiny stepped in again and took him to Thailand to look for a company that produced the cream.
\"I found the address on the tag.
\"I was desperate and I went there to find this place,\" Leo recalled . \".
Needless to say, he found the place.
He went to Kuala Lumpur on this trip.
This allowed him to sign up for the hair cut and hair cutting Foundation classes there.
That year, he came back to open the door for Laura at the oberlong mall.
In 2010, he studied a senior course with Tony and Guy from Singapore, and in 2012, he studied a senior hair style and color course at London Saks College.
Last year, he said, he opened a second salon in Panampilly Nagar, a more popular beauty salon.
He also started Kochi\'s first fish spa, always fighting for new things.
His phone kept ringing and he got a call from a salon.
He asked with hope, \"Victoria Beckham? . . . O! Not that.
\"I told you.
The hairstyle of Victoria Beckham is very short and few people like it . . . . . . \"But he has some dummies who practice hairstyles on dummies to keep the scissors sharp and savvy.
There will always be hair fair.
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