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by:AchiKing     2020-05-21
Hair dryer has now become an indispensable hairstyle tool as it is perfect for your daily life in a hurry.
Hair dryers, also known as hair dryers, are a compatible hair care accessory that helps dry your hair in a few minutes.
The hair dryer is designed for wet hair and can be used shortly after the towel is blown dry.
However, most hair dryers now can damage your hair in the long run.
This is due to the excessive amount of heat released by the hair dryer.
Therefore, it is important to use professional and high-quality hair dryers.
Here is the importance of Velecta Paramount\'s revolutionary ultra-quiet tourmaline ceramic hair dryer.
Each of Velecta Paramount\'s hair dryers is unique and well known for their cutting-edge technology and manufacturing materials.
As a result, Velecta Paramount\'s revolutionary ultra-quiet tourmaline ceramic hair dryer is no exception.
The highlight of this hairdryer is that it uses advanced noise reduction technology, which reduces the noise by 60%, thus promoting a quieter blow dry.
Another feature of this hair dryer is that it contains elements of ceramic and tourmaline.
In addition to the steady and uniform distribution of heat and effective heat retention on the hair, the amazing mixing of ceramics and tourmaline produces a large amount of negative ions and far infrared rays.
As a result, it helps to keep the moisture in the hair dry and lock the natural color of the hair, thus protecting your hair from the heat.
In order to increase its excellent performance, this hair dryer is embedded with hot and powerful innovative features (
74 miles/120 per hour)
, Two speed and two heat settings, cool shooting button, bumper button on both sides, built-in-
In the negative ion generator, 10 ft long (3 m)
Professional heavy-
Two nozzles of 5mm and 7mm and a barrel extension of 5 cm.
Handmade in France, its super light, only 6-compact design1/4” (16 cm)
It is also worth special attention.
In short, Velecta Paramount\'s revolutionary ultra-quiet tourmaline ceramic hair dryer has these amazing features and is undoubtedly the best hair dryer on the market at the moment.
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