How to use Skype on an MK802 Android Mini PC

by:AchiKing     2020-05-24
There is a problem running Skype on MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC?
MK802 for Android 4.The 0 Mini PC is a great gadget to upgrade your hd TV to your Skype device....If you can make it work.To say the least, getting the proper software and hardware settings for working on Skype is a challenge.
What\'s confusing about MK802 Micro PC and Skype is that Skype is one of the apps pre-installed on the device.However, the MK802 Micro PC has neither built-inIn a microphone or camera.Users are expected to set up Skype on their own.
Unfortunately, Rikomagic, the manufacturer of the MK802 Mini PC, did not provide much information on how to do this, except to announce that the new version of the firmware supports USB webcam.
Rev2 firmware is released in mid-In July, users had varying degrees of success in making the USB webcam work properly on the MK802 Micro PC on Skype.

As you will read below, using MK802 Micro PC with your hd TV as a Skype device is not an easy process, but apart from that, there are many advantages to using MK802 Micro PC.
The MK802 mini PC runs on Android.This means that Skype applications can be upgraded when a new version is available for Skype.On a dedicated Skype device or SmartTV that supports Skype, you will need to wait for the device manufacturer to release an updated version of the device.
Android operating system, especially Android 4.0 is designed for tablets with larger screens and higher screen resolution.In particular, the user interface is easy to operate with a wireless mouse or touchpad.
Running Skype on a MK802 Micro PC is a low cost solution.Add hundreds of units running on Skype devices, but a full solution using MK802 Micro PC can be as low as $100.
It\'s easier to get close to running Skype on TV, especially for old users.TV is a common household appliance that most people are familiar with, while using Skype on a PC or laptop seems even more daunting.

If you already know how the MK802 Micro PC works and the basic settings, you can skip this section and go to the next one.
If you don\'t currently have a MK802 mini PC or you\'re new to Android 4.0.
Android 4 MK802.
Learn the full content of the MK802 Micro PC and why it is such a popular gadget at the moment.

.For a very detailed step you should read the articleby-Step guide on how to connect MK802 Micro PC to hd TV (with many photos), options on how to connect USB peripherals like keyboard and mouse to MK802 mini PC.
This article also gives a brief introduction to Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and List of common applications running on MK802 Micro PC.
After reading these two articles, you can start to solve the slightly complicated steps that make Skype run on the MK802 Micro PC.

If you are not familiar with the firmware upgrade, the first step is probably the trickiest one.Please check if the firmware needs to be upgraded before doing anything.Under the settings menu, click about (scroll down if you can\'t see it) and then check the Android version.If it is 4.0.3. firmware upgrade is required.
Firmware is the program code installed on the persistent memory of the device.This is the \"brain\" of the device, and the firmware upgrade is almost like doing brain surgery to replace the brain.
Sounds scary, don\'t you?In brain surgery, you can kill a patient if you have surgery.You can also kill or \"brick\" the device if you start the firmware upgrade.Why \\\"brick\\\"?If you mess up the firmware upgrade, you can use your dead device as a brick.
Are you still there?Good!If that doesn\'t scare you, then you can get into the world of firmware upgrades.The good news is that if you follow the instructions carefully, everything is likely to go as smoothly as expected.So make sure you read the entire instructions at least twice carefully and take care of all the recommended precautions.

.The article itself can find links to all required files, including the new firmware itself.
Don\'t panic if there is any problem, as it is usually recoverable as long as the firmware upgrade process is restarted.
When you look at the about page under the Settings menu, you will know that you have completed the firmware upgrade correctly and that you see that the Android version is 4.0.4.The original firmware is 4.0.3.

Although Rikamagic claims that the new firmware Rev2 supports USB webcam, they have not revealed that not all USB webcam are supported and have confused the problem more and have not released a list of compatible hardware.Therefore, the trial and error test is conducted by MK802 Micro PC users.
Please note that I have not personally tested all the hardware listed here as I do not have the time or resources to do so.These devices are listed based on feedback from users on various forums on the Internet.It is noted in the description that the work is not perfect, so please read the description carefully.
So far, no one has been able to identify the USB webcam where the camera and microphone work at the same time.For unknown reasons, there is only one feature that works, and in order for both video and audio to work, you need to combine the working camera with the working microphone.
I am happy to update that there are users reporting the webcam models that both the camera and the microphone work.

Microsoft life cycle VX-

Microsoft life cycle VX-

MK802 users have been trying to get their webcam (and other USB devices) to work under Skype, and their response was fantastic.I got so much feedback that it was easier for me to separate the updates to their own part.There are the latest updates at the bottom of the list.
User Efi in Belowhas review section managed to get the camera and microphone on Microsoft LifeCam VX-800 works with USB audio adapter.I\'m not sure if an adapter is needed, though.User Marcoco has tested VX-800, and confirm in the comments section below that the microphone itself is not working and may require a USB audio adapter to implement the microphone function.
Another user, fenyx, clarified that he used the microphone input from the USB sound card to get the normal microphone for 3.Jack went to work.Therefore, Efi is likely to use LifeCam VX-800 as a USB Audio Adapter for camera and microphone functions.I\'m adding a precaution to VX.It\'s 800 now before I get further confirmation.
Users and Rensburg Nickchen-5494 commented that he had successfully identified a working webcam/microphone combination-Logitech webcam c210.
After restarting the device, he found that both video and audio worked.This is the first time a working camera and microphone are confirmed using a single device.Try installing Google ICS voice search to see if it can work on a different camera.Good luck!
Configuration of Nick: MK802 1 GB, FW Rev2. Logitech C210 webcam and apk for Google ICS voice search are installed.
A user, batrarobin, has confirmed Microsoft LifeCam VX-from the Rikomagic MK802 Forum-700 works well for both video and audio.
User neymmo commented that he is working with Logitech C525 HD webcam, camera and microphone.He first connected the C525 webcam to an OTG or mini USB port, but it doesn\'t work either with the camera or with the microphone.He then changed it to a full-size USB port and only the camera worked.Next, he added an electric USB hub to the full size USB port and connected his C525 to the hub, and he managed to get both the camera and the microphone to work.
On the other hand, the camera and microphone work in Skype, but with the built-in-In the Android camera app, only the camera works and no sound is recorded.
Neymmo also noticed that MK802 uses the Linux UVC driver when the C525 is plugged into MK802.USB webcam list that supports UVC drivers can be used in http://www
Maybe now we can turn witchcraft into science.Good job, neymmo!
User Marcoro tested life cycle VX-800, it is reported that the camera was initially working.He installed the ICS Google ICS voice search apk from XDA-Developer Forum recommended by user nickchen-5494.He got the mic to work, and now I\'m graduating.The distance from camera group only to camera plus microphone group is 800.

.Thanks Mark, great job too!
The user Mk802 has tried Logitech C170 webcam, and both the microphone and the camera can work on Skype.The video quality is poor because it is just a VGA camera and he complains about the lag in the video quality.
Another user, Stefano, verified in the comments section below that Logitech webcam C210 works for both the camera and the microphone.
User Avaya says in the comments section below that Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro works for video and audio out of the box using MK802 II.The camera must be connected to the standard USB port instead of the usb otg port.
User Mal finds Logitech QuickCam track AF out of the box for video and microphone use.
Aris, a user in the comments section below, commented that the Toshiba Camileo B10 camera is only for video.Toshiba Camileo B10 is actually a high definition camera with webcam mode.
Another user, krivolapov, confirmed in the comments section below that Logitech webcam C210 is suitable for video and microphones.So far, this is the most confirmed webcam.
User Adainair shared that the Gembird CAM90U webcam works completely in Skype ver 2.9.0.It is 315 from the Google Play Store on his MK802 II.However, he did not use the official firmware and did not mention the firmware he was using.

The following is a USB webcam identified by MK802 users as having a working camera and microphone.Please note additional software requirements that may or may not be required.Unfortunately, it\'s more like witchcraft than science to make Skype work properly at this time.

User neymmo has identified the Logitech C525 webcam as having a working camera and microphone.He first connected the C525 webcam to an OTG or mini USB port, but it doesn\'t work either with the camera or with the microphone.
He then changed the iit to a full-size USB port and only the camera works.Next, he added an electric USB hub to the full size USB port and connected his C525 to the hub, and he managed to get both the camera and the microphone to work.This is the first HD webcam on the list.
Microsoft life cycle VX-800 -
The LifeCam VX-800 initially only in the camera list, a USB sound card is required to get a working microphone.User Marcoro installed ICS Google voice search apk as suggested by user nick-chen-5494, he managed to get the microphone to work without a USB sound card.

Users and Rensburg Nickchen-The 5494 has successfully enabled Logitech C210 to work properly in both video and audio.Initially, the microphone didn\'t work, but after loading the Google ICS voice search apk from the side of the XDA Forum (see the update in the link section above), both the video and audio worked.
Configuration: MK802 1 GB, FW version2. Logitech C210 webcam and apk for Google ICS voice search are installed.
Another user, Stefano1963, also commented in the comments section below that C210 works for audio and video using firmware Rev2 on 1 gb mk802.
Microsoft life cycle VX-
Another Webcam has confirmed that there are working cameras and microphones under Skype.Feedback is a forum from user batrarobin MK802 Rikomagic.The camera is only VGA.

So far, the third and final step is the simplest.You will need to plug the working camera and microphone into the USB port on the MK802 Micro PC.
If other USB devices such as keyboard and mouse already occupy these two USB ports on the MK802 Mini PC, a USB port needs to be added.
Unlike a webcam or microphone, the MK802 Micro PC will use most, if not all, USB extension hubs.I haven\'t had any complaints about the USB hub not working yet.
The only problem you may have is if you go through non-The USB hub is powered and the hub may not be able to power all devices at the same time.In this case, an external powered USB hub may be required.

From the Google Play store.That\'s pre -.Installed on the MK802 Micro PC is out of date.
After updating Skype, start Skype and test the camera and microphone.If you are experiencing any problems, try plugging the USB port and/or the camera and microphone directly into the USB port on the MK802 Micro PC instead of using the USB hub.
If you have an old USB webcam or microphone/headset, please try it first before purchasing the one on the list.If you find that it works completely or partially, please share it here with other MK802 users, detailing the brand and model and details, or what works and what doesn\'t.Thank you.
Again, if you test the USB webcam or microphone and find it doesn\'t work at all, list it here and share it with other MK802 users.Please provide a complete description of the brand and model.Thank you.
Good luck!
If you can get your MK802 mini computer to work with Skype, congrats, if you can list the portfolio of webcam and microphone you use in the comments section below, I would appreciate it.This will be of great help to other users.
I will update this article frequently (at least once a week) with any new information.If you would like to update the update as well as my Squidoo related information, please follow me on Twitter below.
Please share your portfolio of work equipment with others here.Thank you very much for your contribution.Thank you.
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