How to Finish a Ceramic Tile Edge

by:AchiKing     2020-06-10
The tiles are glazed clay bricks on the top, giving them a finished look.The edges of the tiles are often unprocessed and unglazed.When a row of tiles ends, it does not die on walls, cabinets, corners, or floors, and this exposed edge makes the installation look unfinished.The installation will be completed by coordinating the edge of the tile.The easiest way to finish the edge of the tile is to use the cow nose tile.The bull nose is a tile that has at least one edge slightly rounded and has the same surface as the top of the tile.The rounded edge is gently bent to the wall or counter where it is installed to finish the edge of the tile installation.Most tile lines include a tile option for the cow nose.However, if the line you use does not have a cow nose, you can use the cow nose of another tile line.Rather than trying to match colors that often don\'t work, choose a coordinated color from the rest of the room and use it on the edge of the bull nose.Other standard edge tiles used in tile installation include rounded and track styling.A four-point circle is a thin rail shape, sometimes called a pencil shape.A complete circle is completed in only one quarter;The track is installed at a certain angle, so the finished part hides the unfinished edge of the tile next to it.Track styling is decorative tiles like chair tracks, cornice styling, rope styling, dental styling or other detail shapes.They are heavier than the cow nose or four-point circle, giving more decorative appearance to the installation.Many border tiles have finished edges, which makes them ideal for finishing the tile installation.Border tiles can be made from ceramic with glazed edges or from stone or glass, both of which have colors running through the tiles, so there is no \"unfinished\" edge.If the border tiles are used elsewhere in the installation, or if they are used to frame an area like a photo frame, the border tiles work well.Border tiles are usually decorative and can be made up of patterned tiles that are pieced together to form a picture or mosaic tile of the pattern.Use them to dress up a normal tile device.For modern installations, consider using metal edge strips to complete the edge of the tile.The metal strip is shaped like the letter L and has a long and flat edge under the last row of tiles.The curved or short end in L is located next to the edge of the tile, covering the unfinished part and providing the finished look for the tile.The metal strip has a variety of finishes that can match any installation, as well as various sizes and different profiles.
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