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New products and consumer education mean there is room for newcomers and old customers in this growing market.
The body has long been decorated, enhanced, and, where possible, even physically modified to project the desired image, the hair has always been above the self
Modify the list.
This extension makes hair the ideal medium of self.
The fact of expression has driven
The market for shampoo, conditioner, machinery and most important styling aids is growing.
While it is top priority for any consumer to feel good, it is well-founded that the nice-looking runsha follows: Research shows that, like it or not, the primary driving force that a first impression does produce a major first impression is vision.
According to a study commissioned by Yale University, New Haven, CTand, P & G\'s styling --
Based on the hair care series, hairstyles can convey a wide range of perceived personality traits, from intellectual to sexy, to whether the wearer is the right candidate for the job or is it trustworthy enough so far.
In this study, directed by a doctor
Marianne lafrans, professor of psychology, professor of women and gender studies at Yale University, asked young women and men of different ethnic backgrounds to reply to 300 digital images of three men and three women.
These pictures show a variety of hairstyles that respondents rated one to six with 10 adjectives: sexy, smart, outgoing, self
Center, poor, unpleasant, polished, confident, narrow
Mind and carelessness.
Although a variety of hairstyles have been studied, there are only a limited number of models-
Everyone has different hairstyles. -were used.
In this study, each model had a different view depending on his orher \'do.
When the female model is wearing a short and messy dress, she is considered confident and outgoing, while her longer, straighter blonde beauty evokes a sexy and rich imageA medium-
Length, casual women\'s appearance is considered the bestnatured.
Short of Malemodel, front-
The flip style looks sexy, but also self-
Although there is a myth reinforced, it is that men and women with long hair are usually not so smart.
The Middle Length side of a man is considered narrow
It is also the richest one in hair perception that has been studied.
Given the visual impact of a person\'s coiffure, it\'s not surprising that over time the hair care category has grown to include hair stylists that can accommodate almost any lookof-the-moment.
Today\'s mixed hair bag-
And the products needed to achieve these goals-
Due to the temporary emphasis on a personalized look, the hair styling assist market has expanded significantly rather than thecookie-
Tool Styles for the past few days.
It looks like everyone in the hair market has something.
Stephanie Schneider, a senior hair scientist at Pantene product development, confirmed: \"Today, both styles and styling products have broadverati,\" consumers seek products that they can use in various ways, to achieve a variety of different styles.
\"Last year\'s sales results confirmed consumers\' enthusiasm for this category of experiments.
Dollar Sales of hair dye and sweat rose by 1.
For the year ended February, it was 8%.
According to Information Resources, $2001 worth of food, medicine and mass goods stores is worth $0. 599 billion. (IRI), Chicago.
Dollar Sales for styling and styling gel and Moses rose by 14.
7% to $0. 605 billion.
Pan Ting pointed out: \"What we see in Pan Ting is that more and more consumers want to create new styles themselves . \"Schneider.
\"Now, mice and gels grow faster than spray.
Consumers are eager for a certain style and want to know how to achieve their own style, although the spray is very useful for maintaining the style of the finished product or smoothing the hair, it takes a gel or mousse to really get the style in the first place.
She added that with new information and styling skills in magazines, TV and the Internet, consumers are better at styling than in the past.
\"People want to do experiments with their hair.
Styling helps them achieve the creative look they want.
\"In today\'s styling aids market, creativity seems to be the name of the game, but implementing the salon look at home requires more and better tools.
Key marketers are meeting this challenge with new product lines and increased consumer education.
P & G panting, the top brand of gel andmousses is not.
52-3 of the spray category
End in a week.
According to IRI, style has been created
Specific sub-categories and their Pro-V collections.
All Pro-included-
Trademark composition--Exclusive Pro
Vitamin complex containing Pan-alcohol, pan-alcohol ethyl ester, dicone and fatty alcohol--
Each is a complete line, no need to mixand-
With conditioner, styling aids and shampoo.
A new pearl-colored packaging and owner-proof logging nozzle fully demonstrates the look, performance and philosophy panting executives are looking.
\"The idea behind these series is to provide consumers with an overall experience rather than simply targeting a problem,\" she explained . \"Schneider.
\"When talking to consumers, we found that shoppers usually choose products based on specific hair types, but research shows that 80% of consumers mistakenly diagnosed their hairstyles and didn\'t get what they wanted
\"The answer is,
According to Ms, the appearance guide series takes into account the hairstyle and styling requirements
Schneider: \"What these collections do is solve the end result that customers want.
She\'s not just asking \"Does she want to hold to the maximum ? \"?
Is her hair dry or oily?
We asked, what kind of product does she need to create the style she wants?
\"This consumption
The headquarters initiative reflects the company\'s focus on consumer education and can now be obtained through its website in the form of styling tips and guidance for product selection.
A simple quiz helps determine the individual\'s cleaning and styling requirements and list the right styling products.
Once the consumer\'s requirements have been identified, she has access to a home page designed to collect the best products for her in order to obtain specific product information
Hair care advice.
Five relatives of the company
The V series includes volumetric, forfuller-looking hair;
Smooth, offering straight, smooth, manic-freestyle;
Curly hair, create lively, clear curly hair;
Color care, maintenance and adjustment of colors
Hair and basic care, healthy and glossy development.
Each series includes at least one shampoo, conditioner, and styling accessory, as well as a repair or enhancement product.
The Volumizingcollection includes a body-
Build gel and mousse as well as energy boost styling tonic while curls contain hair gel, curl define mousse and Curl Recovery Treatment Spray.
Color Care includes a care mask, a glowing response gel, and mousse.
Smooth and calm mask and get its straight line gel for a smoother effect.
In order to promote physical fitness, P & G also tends to result --
Positioning products and consumers themselveseducation.
We provide consumers
\"You see, individuals in the past were bought by hairstyle,\" confirmed Mary Pocho Bradsky, Physique brand manager.
Three series-
Definition-volumetric, straight and curly-and asix-
The Collection styling Collection offers styling spray as well as foam, lotion or gel, shampoo and conditioner, all of which give consumers the look she wants.
Physique also offers a special range that includes a Precisionpomade, a custom stick, and a styling spray.
These forms are new,
They have a creamy texture, a little unusual.
They are very different . \"Pochobradsky.
\"Consumers need to try and learn how to apply them, a service we offer on our website.
This is all part of the transformation of hair care.
\"The most innovative of Physique\'s new products is Spiralcream, a technique to tame curls by adjusting irregular air space and softly defining curls;
Styling Spray, a targeted fog system that defines and maintains curls for up to 20 hours;
Beauty lotion, smooth hair surface, reduce flies
According to the company\'s executives, aways and made sticks are a very generic product that adds textures and definitions to create any style that consumers want.
Physique\'s range retails for $3. 50 -$9.
L\'Oreal turned to its consulting hair stylist, Oribe, which, according to the company, has developed in partnership with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone and gwinnes Palo
\"This messy, sexy look is very popular on Women\'s Day,\" Oribe observed . \".
\"You can add texture, motion and gloss to any style with the right styling product.
\"In January, the company launched Studio Line FX Toss, an emulsion that provides instant texture, creating an unstructured, dazzling look in short or medium sizes --
The company\'s executives said the hair was long.
The effect of separation and \"patchwork\" can be achieved by stripping the selected hair and applying different amounts of toss
Texture, unstructured effects.
In order to complete this or another style, Oribe recommends fast-moving dry hair glue.
Patent for spray-
The pending resin, which works with the patented aerosol device, dries in seconds to make the hair feel soft and natural.
The style will not be crushed as the product stays cool and dry.
The spray has a strong and flexible strength to maintain the level.
According to the company, both products offer the added benefit of adding gloss.
The Studio FX series also includes fresh styling water, melted geland liquid gel, which offers a simple, non-
Sticky style with sports.
The retail price of the product is $3. 29 each.
Nowadays, more and more wax, supplements and combined products appear on store shelves.
However, industry experts agree that the traditional spray and spray still have a place in the concept of consumers.
The newer styling design helps to pack multiple forms instead of negating the traditional ones
According to industry experts, today\'s style can be created and maintained when used with spray.
\"We still offer the best technology for styling spray.
They make up 50% of our styling market . \"
Pochobradskyof of the body.
At the same time, she admits that new forms have been introduced in the styling field: \"As people experiment with new products, we see the styling part grow with pompous, styling sticks, creams and lotions.
\"Physique\'s spray is intended to be used with the corresponding styling appliance for maximum benefit, including amplification, Helix, profile and styling, all of which can be used in non-
The aerosol version and retail price are $7, and the still aerosol spray price is also $7.
According to company executives, Vidal Sassoon created the VS Sassoon salon series with the input of its 21 salons and top stylists from 13 global teaching colleges.
The 31 SKU families contain products that can be mixed and matched to create unique items.
Price of goods from $5-12.
The research involved in developing products is very extensive: \"Our Designers tested, rejected and approved a wide range of products until we came up with the perfect VS Sassoon recipe to help our customers recreate
\"After a glance at his own home,\" confirmed Peter Gray, the company\'s editorial director.
VS Sassoon salon series based on three
Steps: cleaning/conditioning, style and finish.
Choose from each of these three categories, consumers can balance, color
Protect, bulk, or remove
Before turning to a wide range of styling product options, clean it up.
Individuals can receive styling help and advice on product selection on the company\'s website or on the packaging, with \"you have\" attached \". . . you want . . .
How is the picture here.
The most interesting SKUs in the series include polishing drops, which add gloss and refined style to wet or dry hair and Clay, a formula similar to puttylike, can be used to separate or distort hair while providing matte finish.
The spray in this series includes the lift spray gel and heat shaping, volumetric, flexible hair, gloss and ultra-firm hair gel.
The product was sold exclusively on Vidal Sassoon salon and the company\'s website in February.
Unilever\'s Rave and Suave spray and spritzes are still the first. 1 and No.
Sales of the two brands in the category were $65 million and $47 million respectively, with each brand growing last year.
Of the two, mild experienced more significant growth at the age of 13.
7%, according to IRI.
The value brand offers a range of spray, gel and mouse.
The categories it has recently added include herbal preparations, which include Yangju and Baixiang flowersand Flexible-
Keep spray, Herbal Lavender Spray Gel and herballavender shining gel, Frizz Control aloe vera gel and extra control Rosemary mousse.
Styling Gel, additional control mousse and maximum control are also provided to offer consumers a variety of style options at a lower cost than some manufacturers.
May all be attracted by new styling aidsbe intense)
According to Lamaur of MN Minni aporiis, it only designs coiff and conditions.
B in10se gel contains microspheres that release ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin E, A and B5, and uses sunscreen in the application to protect the hair from sunlight, wind and even chlorine
Different from Flushing
The closing effect that is common in shampoo and conditioner, through the action of Palm friction and finger combing, the broken micro-sphere, remains protected and nourished in the hair to maintain style, according to company executives.
The styling gel of B. In10se includes four different levels of hold: soft hold (level 1)
Dominant Position (level 2)Extreme holding (level 3)And Hyper Hold (level 4).
When the composition in the micro sphere covers the hair and conditioning the hair, the gel provides the required level of retention in a soft feeling and a thin-free state.
The product was launched at March andretails for $6. 99.
B in10se is also using pre-
InB inl0se Creme Gelee mixed gel/cream.
According to the company, Creme Gelee follows the principles adopted by most salons: combining different types of fashion products to achieve an ideal combination of volume, retention and gloss.
Creme Gelee combines water
Gel based on oil-based conditioning cream to form a stable emulsion that repels water to control rashness, increase volume and remain the same.
At the same time, the company\'s executives said the product offers a glossy and silver color to keep the hair clean.
The retail price of this product is $6. 99.
B 10 years B tends to be a younger market as it is more
Level hold styling aids and their fashionable product names are a phenomenon that appears in the entire hair care industry.
\"Young consumers are very important. They are helping to drive the market . \"
Schneider of Pantene
She added that when the girl was young
School-age experiments of different styles and styles, while boys tend to start modeling in high school, mainly with gel sticking to extreme or firm places --hold looks. Dippity-
The Do was originally launched in 1945, and because of its ability to have more dramatic styles, especially in experiments, it helped to drive the later young markets --
Orientation and personality
Seek high school and young adult parts.
The product has recently been repackaged and relocated to Dippity-Do Sport;
The focus now is on men.
It\'s cobalt.
Blue Bottle and graband-
Gosport grips, the brand is very popular in the promotion of Canada and is now being promoted in the United StatesS.
\"Go through wet hair or apply to dry hair as a groomingaid, Dippity-
Doing sports is an easy way to add style and health
Looking for someone who is always busy, \"said Maureen Gregory, vice president of marketing at CT Danbury white rain.
The brand includes the ultimate hold, the ultimate hold tasteless, the ultimate hold and the ultimate hold spray gel, and the movement to define the wax.
John Frieda, New York, New York, takes an interesting attitude towards the four-year-old beach blondeCollection of items.
The line includes the waves, ahoba oil and sea salt. enhanced gel.
This product is available. got-back-from-the-
The appearance of the beach is to brighten the hair and texture, forming waves and messy hair.
According to the company\'s executives, the gold rush is a shiny gel that adorn hair in various shades with golden stripes;
It contains a small amount of golden mica instead of a standard, highlighted component peroxide.
Beach Blonde combines lighting effects with styling to provide a complete \"look\" and align with the direction in which consumers seem to be attracted: multiple beneficial tools focused on the whole
Look, not a concrete action.
The look of Los Angeles, No.
According to toIRI, hair styling gel marketers improved their brand in 2000 by adding proprietary fortified ingredients to the gel, mouse and spray.
In addition, the company has added a special gel with a combination advantage.
The company calls this repositioning a \"transformation of the new millennium,\" offering a new color salon in light and modern colors
Stylish products, new bottles of \"thick, trendy\", and fresh new aromas.
The product line includes extra super hold Spray Gel, super hold 4 colors, super volume gel and Maoshi control gel, and 2-in-
The 1 formula mousse series combines the retention and styling of the gel with the soft body and the flexible volume of mousse.
According to the company\'s executives, LA look \"is not just a gel \".
Its spray range includes giant holding, extra super holding and giant holding Spritz-on sprays.
By matching the holding level, style requirements and product preferences (
Gel, mousse, spray or combination)
Consumers can achieve the softest appearance.
The sexy hairstyle concept of Chatsworth, California, formerly known as Formula byEcoly, launched a large sexy hairstyle series in 1999, in the next two years, we have introduced sexy hair styles, sexy hair styles, sexy hair styles and sexy highlights.
The company recently launched an Aviation Color spray, partly avant-garde
Avant-garde color of hair that is easy to wash with shampoo and sexy big hair pump plus wet hair
Anti-volume spray mousse for lifting hair and health.
It is said that the Pump Plus can strengthen the hair from the roots, prevent curling and falling off, and adjust the pH balance of the hair to enhance the hair while maintaining health and strength.
The pump retails for $14.
Like other sexy hair concept products, 50 is available in professional salons.
The sexy hair concept also caters to the needs of male consumers who have RumbleBoys, a range of hair products with male names, flagflagecolors and a rough male image.
Axel grease hold and gloss pom-
Maintain finishing products that can be used for wet or dry hair to maintain style and gloss;
This product is made of metal army green/brown and is packed in round plastic cans.
The retail price is $11. 50 for 1. 8-oz.
The bullet-proof hard grip hair glue dries quickly and supports a firm shape and style;
The retail price is $9. 95 for 5. 3-oz.
Although spray sales have grown little in recent years, the main marketers have agreed that this represents a smooth sale of hair spray rather than a crisis.
Although it has been warned before to gradually replace the real spray that has been tried, the new form of styling aids seems to have actually increased-
Rich market for hair stylists.
In recent years, their introduction and increasing use have opened up a new category, but it is combined with more traditional methods, in order to meet the expectations that no longer need a salon or stylist to achieve, according to industry experts.
Since the introduction of new rods, balm, lotion, hair wax, gel and wax, their collective categories and hair spray sections have made progress over the past few years, although the sales growth of hair gel is slow in these two categories, this category still has a wealth of vitality.
At the same time, hair marketers will continue to offer new innovations to keep up with the pace of consumers who are always looking for something slightly different.
\"Hair is an expression of its own,\" concluded the MS.
Schneider of panting product development.
\"Styling aids help to achieve this.
\"The new hair styling score here lists the new hair styling ingredients introduced in the past 12 months.
For more information about listed companies, please contact the company directly by the number provided. * A&E Ltd. (
Perfume and Cosmetics)
Name of Kukui nut oil deodorant INCI: yew seed oil recommended level of use: 3-
8% application: agent in oil/wax
Meidi Meitong (Meidi Meitong)and)C11-16 Pareth-7 (and)C12-16 Pareth-9 (and)Glycerin (and)Trideceth-
Name of month INCI: dimethyl silicone (and)C11-15 pareth-7 (and)C12-16pareth-9 (and)glycerin (and)trideceth-
12 Recommended usage level: 2-
8% application: Transparent, water-
Product Review based on hair: amine function Micro
Transparent water-based emulsion
Hair products.
Provides improved wet, dry grooming and lubrication. Dimethiconol (and)
The name of sodium INCI of di12-based benzene Anshu ester: dianyinke (and)
Recommended level of use: 2-
5% application: Leave-
Comments in hair products: a Yin emulsion with a high viscosity for meniol
In hair products.
Well dispersed in the water preparation, giving the hair a good texture.
* Aqualia division of Hercules Co. , Ltd.
Name of INCI of PrimaFlo HP22 polymer solution: recommended grade of polypropylene cellulose: 2-
5% application: Soft
BASF company Phytantriol INCI name: phytantriol is recommended to use level: 0. 05-0. 2% (leave-
Product Category: conditioner, milk powder, spray, tonic, gel); 0. 1-0. 5% (rinse-
Off products: shampoo, conditioner)
Application: shampoo, conditioner, mouse, spray, tonic, gel review: increased penetration of high-performance active ingredients such as pan-alcohol and vitamin E.
Protect your hair from mechanical damage as a conditioner.
Improve the moisture content of the hair, enhance the feel, softness, volume/body.
Shine and smooth to damaged, dull hair.
Helps prevent the split hair (
With Pennino).
Name: Panthenol is recommended to use level: 0. 05-0. 2% (leave-
Product Category: conditioner, milk powder, spray, tonic, gel); 0. 1-0. 5% (rinse-
Off products: shampoo, conditioner)
Application: shampoo, conditioner, mouse, spray, tonic, gel review: protect your hair from damage as a long lasting moisturizing conditioner.
The hair is thicker to enhance the feel, softness, volume and body.
Improve gloss and gloss, especially on damaged or dull hair.
Helps prevent the split hair (
With phytantriol).
Name of Luvigel em inci: Acid/CO 2 triacid ester (and)
Recommended dosage of sodium acrylatescopolymer: month. 1-0.
5% application: hair salon, hair gel and cream review: Luvigel EM is a liquid concentrate for a cosmetic formula that reduces manufacturing time and provides better thickening
Luvigel EM is a pre-
Neutral and cross-linked sodium propylene without pre-reaction
Expansion, o/weekends that can be used for rapid viscosity accumulation-up.
* Centerchem, Inc.
Recommended grade of silk gel hydrolysis protein: 2-
5% application: Product Review for scalp and hair treatment: Setakol is a hydrolysis of silk gel protein.
Setakol is a water-based amber.
Colored solution with unique affinity for protein.
Setakol penetrates into the skin layer of the dried hair and binds to the protein of the hair.
More than a creature
Form a functional protective film to seal the outer cortex of the hair.
Setakol nourishes and moisturizes hair from the inside, protecting the hair from the outside with a conditioning film.
The end result is an improvement in the gloss, elasticity, smoothness and ease of combing of the hair.
Setakol can also soothe and moisturize the scalp.
Stable at pH 5-
9, compatible with up to 30% alcohol.
* Charkit chemical
INCI name of coriander sesame seed oil: water (and)hempseed oil (and)PEG-8 (and)
Recommended level of use for hard-fat amine propylene diamine ester: 10-20% or q. s.
Application: shampoo, conditioner, 2-in-
1 Product Review: novel, non
Fat SAC bubble
Adsorption of cation surface.
It is substantial for the skin and hair, maximizing the time on the surface of the skin or within the skin.
Naturally have a conditioning effect on hair.
Promote wound healing
Occlusion and water retention.
Balance surface pH
Soothe and tighten the skin, giving a smooth and soft texture.
Usually stable at room temperature for at least 18 months. * Croda, Inc.
Name: di-croPPG-2 myreth-
Recommended usage level: 1-
25% application: shaping and finishing the spray, setting the lotion comment: This patented ketone Diester moisturizer is \"water and electricity-
Active \", suitable for clear systems; excellentpre-
Solvent increase of benzone3;
Provide silky feeling for hair;
It has been approved for use in Europe.
Name of mea inci: Bain tolimoni (and)quaternium-33 (and)
Recommended use level of 16 alcohol: 1-
5% application: Modeling products;
Comments on National Maintenance products: a primary fat based on the surface of the hair (18MEA).
Lipid supplement and nourishing agent for chemical treatment or weathering damage of hair.
Make hair healthier, shiny and easier to manage;
Protect against environmental pressure.
* Desert whale Jojoba Company/Midwest grain products jojojoba Pro-
Aa inci name: jojoba amino acid recommended grade: 1-
5% app: Hair & skin care review: jojojoba Pro-
AA is a solution of jojoba amino acids produced by proteins
Hollywood (
SeedIt provides excellent moisturizing, moisturizing and film-
Formation Properties of hair and skin recipes.
These low-molecular-weight amino acids can penetrate the dried hair and provide sterilization and luster for the hair.
Also, Jojoba Pro-
Improve the quality and functionality of hair and skin care products such as shampoo, conditioner, cream, lotion and sunscreen. Jojoba Pre-
Hp inci name: recommended level for hydrolysis of jojoba protein: 2-
5% app: Hair & skin care review: jojojoba Pro-
HP is from jojojoba (
Coriander)seed. Jojoba Pro-
HP adjusts hair through itsmoisture retention and film-
The performance of the formation greatly improves the body, gloss and smoothness of the hair. Jojoba Pro-
HP has improved the quality and functionality of skin and hair products.
* Name of Dragoco Xin Dragoderm INCI (proposed): ethanol (and)
Wheat (wheat)
Gluten recommended grade of use: 2% application: hair styling product review: novel, patented, non-
Now, the ethanol of the hair styling product contains the protein of the hydrolysis wheat.
Acifructol complex P67 INCI name: propylene glycol (Gattefosse (and)citric acid (and)lemon extract (and)water (and)
Recommended use level of grapefruit extract: 5-
10% application: hair mask, cream review: including AHA (
(α-oh acid).
AHAs is able to anchor itself by hydrogen or ion bond and keep scaletogeher.
The regularity of the surface of the skin is ensured, and the luster of the hair is improved.
Plant Name: recommended level of use for hydrolysis of soybean protein: 5-
10% application: hair growth products;
Review of hair straightening products: balanced ingredients containing amino acids (
Essential Cell Nutrition)and peptides (
Cell Metabolism Booster).
Helps improve hair strength, health and appearance.
By enhancing the horny cells, the hair grows faster and more vigorously.
Name of Softcutol B INCI: suggested dosage of ethoxydiglycol sorbic acid: month. 5-
10% application: hair care product review: cream and soft moisturizer.
Create lubrication film to reduce friction.
Softcutol B simplifies the grooming process by applying a coat to the hair, providing volume and styling effects while increasing the waterproof performance.
* Goldschmidt chemical
Name: bis-Abil 8832PEG/PPG-
20/20 recommended use level: 0. 5-3% (
Hair care products); 0. 05-0. 5%(emulsions); 0. 25-2% (
Fairy care products); 0. 5-3% (
Nail care products)
Application: Review of hair care, skin care and nail care products: due to a substantial effect on polar surfaces such as hair or skin proteins, a yin-surface active agent with a balanced hydrophilic ability.
In the w/si emulsion, Abil B 8832 will contribute to the flow and gel strength of the formula.
Name of Abil Soft AF 100 INCI: methyl PEG/PPG-
The recommended level of 7/3 ammonia-c-1 is 0. 3-4% (conditioners); 0. 1-2% (
Shampoo and skin cleansing preparations); 0. 2-1% (
Skin care lotion)
Application: Styling Cream; waxes; conditioners; emulsions; shampoos;
Skin cleaning formula review: Abil Soft AF 100 is a silicone-based conditioner for improving the gloss, body and volume of hair.
Abil Soft AF 100 is easy to dissolve with Surface Active Agents;
Can be used for styling cream (w/oemulsions)
, Wax (ringing gel)
The shampoo and bath formula are also clear.
Containing a hydrophilic base, it is easier to be compatible with the water system compared to the Miluo odi ketone.
Varisoft clear the INCI name: palmitamidopropyltrimonium chloride (and)PPG-
Month myristylether (and)
Recommended level of use of third-pentyl alcohol ether: 3-
10% application: clear conditioning and flushing; leave-Air conditioning;
Detangling spray review: Varisoft Clear is an ingredient used for effective hair clearing and rinse formulation.
It has excellent moisture and dry compatibility.
Varisoft Clear provides controlled softening for longer lasting hairstyles.
It is cold processed, easy to handle and concentrate, low viscosity liquid.
* Hydromer, Inc. Aquamere S-
Name of series INCI: PVP (and)
Dimethiconylacryate (and)polycarbamyl (and)
Recommended usage level: 10-
15% application: hair gel;
Aquamere C- hair gel
Name of series INCI: PVP (and)
Methyl amino acetatemethacrylate (and)
Recommended level of use: 1-polymethamate
10% application: Shampoo;
Aquamere H-conditioner
Name of series INCI: PVP (and)polycarbamyl (and)
Recommended usage level: 10-
20% application: hair gel;
International products (ISP)
Name of Aculyn 28 INCI: acrylic (and)beheneth-
25 recommended level of use for acrylic polymers: up to 1% active applications: transparent styling gel, Spray Gel, wash lotion and emulsion styling cream Allianz LT-
Name of 120 INCI: acrylic (and)C1-2 succinates (and)
Recommended rating: up to 7% (hair sprays); up to 4% (Gel and mouse)
Applications: 55% and 80% VOC pumps and aerosol hair gel, styling gel, spritzes, non-
2000 name of INCI: VP (and)acrylates (and)
Recommended level of use for acrylic 12 Ester polymers: up to 1% applications: Spray Gel, engraved emulsion, transparent tube gel, non-
Jetn International LimitedPVP K-
15 INCI name: PVP recommended level of use: 3-6% (
Styling Gel, lipstick and Cosmetics); 0. 1-1% (
Suspension aid and emulsion stabilizer); [is less than]0. 25% (sunscreens)
Application areas: adhesive, emulsion stabilizer, film forming agent, hair, suspension aid pvp k-
30 INCI name: PVP recommended level of use: 3-6% (
Styling Gel, lipstick and Cosmetics); 0. 1-1% (
Suspension aid and emulsion stabilizer); [is less thanb]0. 25% (sunscreens)
Application areas: adhesive, emulsion stabilizer, film forming agent, hair, suspension aid pvp k-
90 INCI name: PVP recommended level of use: 3-6% (
Styling Gel, lipstick and Cosmetics); 0. 1-1% (
Suspension aid and emulsion stabilizer); [is less than]0. 25% (sunscreens)
Purpose: adhesive, emulsion stabilizer, film front, hair, suspension aid * Kama International
Name of PEG 6000 Dibehenate INCI: recommended dosage of PEG 150 dibehenate: month.
5% application: National hair care products; shampoos;
Gel review: better viscosity compared to PEG 6000 expansion.
* Libo Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Name of Lipowax R2 INCI: 16 alcohol (and)
Polyester 60 (and)oleth-10(and)PEG-
Recommended usage level: 5-
15% application: cream and lotion for hair and skin care;
It is especially suitable for special hair care products such as tightness and straightener. Comment: Lipowax R2 is a complete emulsion system for many oil phases and is compatible with most Surface Active Agents. Pure-
Name of Thix 1442 INCI: Polyurethane-
1 recommended level: 0. 5-
3% app: skin and hair care & cosmetic review: pure-
Thix 1442 is easy to integrate into the water phase, increasing viscosity and increasing the film
Formation Properties of gel, pom fruit and conditioner. Tixogel PEC-
1414 name of INCI: hydrogenation of polyisotinone (and)
Silicone ring (and)
Recommended grade of polyethylene: 1-
10% app: Skin Care, sun protection and cosmetic review: Tixogel PEC-
1414 it is easy to merge at low temperature using homogenizer.
It adds luster, water
It has insect repellent and high temperature stability.
* Name of national starch and chemical Amaze INCI: Recommended grade for corn starch modification: 1-
3% scope of application: mousse, gel, styling lotion, natural hair care * Natunola Health, Inc.
Name of Natunola CWAX 5611 INCI: canola oil (and)glycine soja (soybean)oil (and)
Hydrogenation vegetable oil (and)zea mays (corn)starch (and)
Recommended grade of silicone: 5-
30% application: grapefruit, styling aids, lipstick, sunscreen, cream, lotion review: Natunola CWAX 5611 is a natural ingredient that provides a soft, smooth feel for the skin
It can be used as a substance.
Non-increased agentsWater system.
The Natunola CWAX 5611 is available for a wide range of skin care, hair care and sun protection applications.
* Norman Fox and Co.
Norfox 171 name: 2-
Recommended level of use of ethyl hexyl oxygen ester: 3-
5% use: Detergent
Basic product reviews including shampoo, soap and hand sanitizer formula, lipstick, liquid cosmetics: Norfox 171 relieves and reduces skin irritation due to the skim effect of exposure to detergents.
Used as a supplement at levels close to 3-
5% of the solid content of soap, shampoo or hand sanitizer formula.
If necessary, this material can be dissolved with a good cosmetic grade booster emulsion such as polyester Ester 20.
By reducing the cracks and cracks on the surface of the skin, the filling effect causes the skin to be softer and smoother.
* Sensomer CI, Ondeo Nalco-
50 INCI names: The recommended grade of starch triammonium chloride is 0. 5-4.
0% app: Shampoo & Conditioner comments: Sensomer CI-
50 improved wet grooming to make hair styling easier.
* Presperse
Name: water (and)
Ethylene glycol (and)
Recommended usage level: 3-
5% application: shampoo and conditioner (rinse-out and leave-in)
Comment: whitening cream.
Product Name: hydrogenation olive oil (and)olea europaea (olive)fruitoil (and)olea europaea (olive)
Recommended usage level: 3-
5% application: hair pom and conditioner (rinse-out andleave-in)
Comment: conditioning, softening, glowing.
Name: water (and)carageenan (
Chrondrus dipped)
Recommended usage level: 3-
5% application: Leave-
In the conditioner review: create conditions for dim hair and repair hair and add luster by providing natural trace elements and minerals.
* Name of company RITA Chitose hv inci: recommended dosage of Chitose :.
Applications of 05% and lower: gel, mouse, spray review: Rita Dading sugar HV can be used for moisturizers, moisturizers, conditioners and lubricants.
Name of Rita Chitose lv inci: recommended dosage of Chitose :.
05% and lower applications: gel, mouse, spray review: Rita chuddin sugar LV can be used for moisturizers, moisturizers, conditioners and lubricants.
Name of Rita Chitose mv inci: recommended dosage of Chitose :.
Applications of 05% and lower: gel, mouse, spray review: Rita Dading sugar MV can be used for moisturizers, moisturizers, conditioners and lubricants.
* Scher Chemicals, Inc.
Name of TGL Hydramol INCI: Poly-
Recommended usage level: 1-
5% application: shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment mask, gel, Mouse Review: sticky, oil-free emollient;
Soluble moisturizer;
Provides excellent gloss and lubrication performance for conditioning spray;
A perfect Ester forest in the water system, especially in the emulsion gloss and gloss apparatus.
Hydramol TGL helps moisturize without being greasy.
Name: PEG/PPG-
Recommended usage rating for Laurate: 1-8/3
5% application: sparkling fixer gel, clear hair gel, shineproducts review: water and alcohol dissolve conditioner.
Its excellent dispersion performance and solubility in natural oil make it an ideal component of luminous products.
Excellent plasticizer for all commonly used fixed resin. * Sederma, Inc.
Name of Heliogenol INCI: recommended dosage of natural herbal essence :. 0. 2-3.
0% application: styling products, spray, foam, mouse reviews: Factory-
Free radical scavenger and color stabilizer for dyed hair;
In terms of protecting the color from Flushing and daily UV exposure, it has been shown to be four times more effective than vitamin E acetate;
Play a role by neutralising the free radicals produced by UV rays and slowing down the oxidation of hair.
* TIC Gum Company
TIC pre-test
The name of the hydration Ticaxan Xanthan INCI: campestris yellow single cell bacteria is recommended to use the grade: 0. 05-0.
35% app: shampoo, gel and simliar Product Reviews: a all-
Natural thickening agent
* UItra chemical ultra pure liquid Vaseline usp inci name: Vaseline recommended level of use: 40-
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