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by:AchiKing     2020-05-23
Before you sit in a stylist\'s chair, get some basic knowledge about hair technology first.
Before you go to the salon for treatment, it is important to know all the knowledge about hair techniques.
Interestingly, everyone\'s hair reacts differently to coloring, Perm, or even straightening.
Learn about the health of your hair and then experiment.
Some basic facts about hair processing, we give you an introduction.
Hair coloring: you may hear terms like Crown coloring, global coloring, highlights, and low light.
These terms are easy to understand.
The Crown is the crown of the head, so when the hair is only colored on the Crown (
Usually start graying first)
It\'s called Crown color.
Global is when coloring is applied throughout the head.
The highlight is that the colors shown on stocks and lowlights are quite subtle.
It must be understood wisely that the basic health condition of each person\'s hair is different.
Therefore, while some hair types may be easier to absorb colors, some other hair types may require longer exposure times to show changes in color.
In particular, bleaching should be selected with proper knowledge of how well the hair reacts to it.
Hair extensions: You \'ve seen Bollywood heroines show off long hair in some scenes, and then change their looks to short-haired tom boy.
How did they do it?
Many of them no longer wear ugly wigs, but choose to wear hair sets.
The hair extension is the length of the real or synthetic hair that can be attached near the scalp. When well-
Matched with color and texture and applied professionally by a competent extension teacher, the hair extension is mixed with your own hair and moves naturally, making it difficult for you to judge you
They can provide volume, extend the hair, add highlights or lights without coloring your own hair.
Some extension lines can be worn continuously for 3 months before maintenance is required. Re-bonding: Re-
Glue is a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair look straight.
This is usually a permanent treatment and the result can be an expensive operation.
Each type of hair has a natural combination.
Curls or waves are the result of a natural combination that gives the physical quality of the hair.
Re-use cream softener or tightness
The adhesive treatment breaks the hair structure of the natural curl.
The Zhonghe agent then binds the structure again to straighten the hair.
In simpler terms,
The glue handling changes the structure of your hair and rebuilds it.
Once your hair is straightened, you have to add new growth every three months, six months, or one year based on your growth.
Honestly, the untouched part of the hair looks different from the re-
The hair is glued together and the whole hair looks very messy.
Perm: most women with straight hair always want to see big curly hair.
Perm is used as a permanent wave to save them, often referred to as Perm, which is a chemical and/or heat treatment of the hair to produce waves and curls.
Use the word \"permanent\" because the curl does not turn straight after washing.
However, when new hair grows, hair that has not been waved looks different from other hair.
Hair weaving: hair weaving is the science of adding hair to the scalp by weaving or weaving human hair or synthetic hair.
It is also known as hair integration or hair reinforcement.
The hair is woven to the root of the human hair so that it grows naturally with the hair.
The disadvantage of this process is that it will highlight the existing hair and may cause the hair to fall off.
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