Hair Salon Edinburgh - Ceramic flat irons Is A High Heat range Safe For

by:AchiKing     2020-05-30

Straightener is more popular than ever.I prefer the Sedu flat iron, which most of my girlfriends do in case you always don\'t use the flat iron I certainly recommend.But is high temperature straightening technology safe for your hair?Well, maybe not.In fact, we may have broken our hair.Straightener will be more popular than in the past.I personally have tried many different kinds of straighten head irons and almost all my friends have tried them and I would certainly recommend them if you still don\'t use the straighten head iron.But is this temperature straightening technique safe for hair?Well, maybe not.In fact, our hair is likely to be damaged.1.Observe the heat distribution from the hair straighten ironSome ceramic flat iron, mainly those with metal plates, provides an uneven temperature.If the temperature at one end of the plate is 80 degrees Celsius and the temperature at the other end is 10 degrees Celsius, your hair may be severely damaged.Sedu hair straightening irons and other straightener with ceramic plates are usually evenly distributed over heat.2.Look at the expertise in temperature control functions-A straight iron with a ceramic plate for hair will usually get hot and cool very quickly, which allows you to control your hair better.It\'s also wise to make sure you can choose from a variety of temperatures.3.The small temperature is invalid.A straighter with a maximum temperature of about °c will be less powerful --Hairstyles may not last all day.4.Don\'t use it if you don\'t need a straightenerUsing a straightener every day can hurt your hair.Try to have beautiful hair at least once a day a week.5.Use hair oil to protect beautiful hairToo much use of hair straightener can cause work interruption.Protect your hair with oil.6.Straightener using advanced technology, such as infrared radiation and ion technologyThese techniques can protect beautiful hair and even improve the condition of the hair.Like the Sedu straightener, the ceramic straightener has both techniques that help to keep the hair in its best condition.Straightener is as safe as any other hair style treatment-Use them wisely and thoroughly and enjoy the smooth feeling of straight hair.
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