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by:AchiKing     2020-05-22
When what\'s on your mind (
Let\'s say you\'re not a hair expert \")
Read terms that seem to be random, such as blow drying in Brazil, the treatment of Kerins, dilution, and reunions?
Hair \"processing\" is probably the last thing.
For those who have just come in, these are \"treatments\" for hair problems in the city \".
What bad hair?
This is likely to be the past.
The secret of gorgeous hair (
Read silky, smooth, tangled-free, non-frizzy…)
Lie in tempting tubes or bottles, and sometimes in beautiful-shaped jars with delicious smells.
There are all here.
The barber used to be a beauty salon in a friendly community and is now a hair technician. k.
Creative Stylist sand hair salon for both men and women.
Hair is a large sum of money and is a bigger concern for city residents (
Yes, gentlemen). Balding? Replace it.
Is the hair too straight? Perm it.
Too curly?
Make it straight or flat. Short? Extend it.
Depending on the number of exclusive hair salons in the city, it seems that there is a solution to each hair problem.
Shweta Kunjan of \"more fashionable life\" summed it up succinctly, \"for women, this is to lighten the skin and become fair.
Now, it\'s all about hair . . . . . . About how to cut, maintain and comb your hair.
Shweta is a trained hair stylist from the UK.
It is clear that when she asked her daughter to specialize in hair styling, her mother, Shobha Kunjan, saw a trend.
Shobha added a hairstyle studio to her beauty salon, which is where Shweta works.
Hair care has almost surpassed facial care. Sujith T. K.
Phoebe said, \"If you do face, nail and pedicure, how many people do you think will notice?
One is you.
But everyone will notice if you change your hairstyle.
That\'s why women come in.
At least four women ask for \"change\" every day \".
\"When spending time and money on hair styling, women are ahead of male women.
For men, dandruff is a problem other than baldness and haircuts, he said.
\"Until last year, men had long hair and came in to straighten their hair,\" he added . \".
Hair Health is a concern, and it becomes more important to take care of the hair in addition to oil massage and henna.
Conditioning, deep conditioning, hair spa . . . . . . There are a lot of options for those shopping for \"healing.
These can cost from Rs.
500 to thousands (Rs.
10,000 in Salon)
Depending on the reputation of the salon and the products used.
Money is not a problem for customers, says Sharon.
Earlier, if the desperate \"bob cut\" meant a change in \"look\", today is about keeping your hair and looking around.
Working around it sometimes includes a combination of treatments.
\"Sometimes only part of the hair is handled,\" Shweta said . \".
\"Cutting Hair is not a popular option,\" says Jack Gonmei, creative stylist for Makeover V. 2 (SA Road).
Customers may want a lot of things, but the first thing we focus on is the health of our hair, he said.
\"If we find a problem with the hair, then we suggest treatment,\" said Jack . \".
From a simple oil massage to a well-designed hair spa, any treatment is fine.
Hair technician, Rema Sangeeth, says curls and how to deal with it are a big problem.
This is the place to straighten your hair.
It comes and goes in other parts of the country, but it is still one of the popular treatments here.
\"This is very popular here because women find it difficult to manage curls,\" Shweta said . \".
She went on to say, \"I don\'t know how to take care of curls, and keeping them is the reason why I hate them. ” Rema avers.
Voluminising is an option for women with thin or curly hair (perming)
It is the choice of women\'s direct hair movement.
Maintenance matters according to how to \"maintain\" the treatment lasts from six months to one year.
Maintenance includes a visit to the salon for touch as the hair grows.
If the cost of treatment is several thousand pounds, maintenance is also an expensive thing.
Most of them depend on the chemicals used to change the texture of the hair.
There are also \"protein treatments\" that are not too harmful, Sharon said.
But the jury has no opinion.
Some treatments have many names, but they are essentially different names in the same process, Shweta said.
Protein therapy, no hair damage, almost no side effects
Impact, says Rema.
\"Thanks to the Internet, women know what they want,\" she added . \".
As far as hair is concerned, women seem to know what they want.
We said bring Rapunzels!
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