from bald patches to brittle breaks – stars including kim kardashian and chloe ferry reveal the painful truth about hair extensions

by:AchiKing     2020-06-16
This week, Chloe Ferry showed extremely fragile, damaged hair, which seems to be the result of years of using cheap hair.
In the UK, about a third woman uses hair locks to enhance her hair, but experts warn that the dangers may include baldness, hair --
Shedding and even pulling hair loss.
Shocking photos show the likes of Sophie Casey and Vicky Pattison, members of the George Coast crew, who are all experiencing hair --
Lost and flaky scalp.
Dr. Nestor demomihenous, who runs the Edinburgh Hair Clinic, said online that many women may find themselves affected.
He said: \"Due to the large demand and desire for long hair, and the more impressive hairstyle of the main push, the market is full of different quality hair tips.
\"Fixed method (
Bonds, rings, glue, etc)
It plays an important role in the main causes of traction hair loss.
\"This is a form of hair loss due to the continuous pull on the hair, so it will eventually cause damage and damage to the root (hair follicle).
\"Clinically, we see baldness in the most affected areas.
\"Trying to hide the resulting bald patch (es)
There is a vicious circle in which women seek further hair extensions to fix as a cover-up.
\"It seems that more than just real stars are suffering.
Super model Naomi Campbell has also been talking about her baldness because she said: \"I do care more about my hair now, because I lost everything because of the extension of my hair, \"although many stars like Britney Spears were also photographed hurting.
British women buy human hair worth £ 43 a year, most of them wearing it every day.
There are even rumors that the royal family is behind this trend.
In Netflix\'s 2013 documentary, royalty, the editor and founder of libertyondongirl.
Sasha Wilkins explained: \"I think Kate\'s hair has become her badge, and it\'s the most recognizable thing she can tell-this perfect, smooth, incredibly elastic hair.
\"There are rumors that she might extend her hair, but I \'ve never found anyone to confirm that.
\"Dr Nestor demomihenous suggests how it can help prevent hair loss from occurring.
\"First of all, the extension part should be removed and a chance of recovery should be given to the scalp,\" he said.
\"In the most serious cases, hair loss is permanent and individuals may need to have a hair transplant to recover lost hair in the area.
\"Sophie Casay experienced traction hair loss caused by the extension, causing her hair scalp to remain tense.
Sophie explained in a candid MTV video: \"Because I \'ve been expanding, I have contracted hair loss, which means that both sides of my hair have dropped and may never be back again.
\"It\'s not because my hair is getting longer and longer, it\'s because I \'ve been tormenting my hair for years.
\"So, looking forward to the future, I want to start looking after my hair, and I want people to know if you\'re going to extend your hair because you don\'t want to end your bald head like this.
\"Towie\'s Jess Wright also shows sparse areas on her head, and she\'s not the only one who talks openly about Balding-like.
Vicky Pattisonrecently recently injected his own blood on the scalp, trying to restore the growth of the hair.
She explained the reason for the treatment, and she said: \"I abused hair, it has been styling, it has been pulled in various directions, and then I experienced a little bit. . .
I may be talking about traction hair loss.
\"Collectively excited the stylist Noushin Arshad fromArabella Rosesaid tape
It may be harmful to extendrun.
\"Ways to apply hair extensions such as tape, wefts, and clips
\"Ins can be particularly heavy for hair that\'s already good,\" she explains . \".
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