facial skin care essentials

by:AchiKing     2020-06-04
All you need to keep your skin healthy, radiant and Young for years is to make sure it is properly cleaned, moisturized and protected.
Proper skin care can be done using simple methods, without the need to spend hours in complex daily life, and without the need to purchase a large number of expensive facial skin care products.
Identify your skin type and choose the facial care product that suits you.
The product to be used must be made specifically for oily, normal, combined, dry or sensitive skin depending on your skin type.
All you need is three facial care products: cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.
Dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil and residues of substances applied to the skin (such as cosmetics) form dirt deposits on the surface of the skin.
This deposition promotes the development of harmful microorganisms and ultimately leads to infection and disease.
Cleaning is the basic and most important aspect of facial skin care, which can remove dirt from the skin.
Should be done twice a day: Morning and evening.
A cleanser that is strong enough to remove dirt and excess oil, but gentle enough not to allow dry skin is ideal.
Splash on your face with warm water first;
Warm water opens the pores and makes it easier to clean the skin.
Then bubble on the right amount of cleanser.
Rinse facial cleanser with cold water;
Cold water will close your pores.
If you make up, it\'s better to remove it with gentle makeup first.
All types of skin need to be moisturized, even oily.
Moisturizing prevents the skin from getting dry and rough by protecting it from damage and supplementing its natural ingredients.
A moisturiser that doesn\'t make your skin feel sticky and smooth, but has enough lubricant to keep the skin smooth and soft is ideal.
Choose one that suits your skin.
Ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause sunburn, wrinkles, age spots and other injuries to the skin, which is the primary cause of skin cancer.
You should protect your skin from too much UV rays.
Whenever possible, you can stay in the shade and do this with a scarf, parasol, hat and parasol.
Moisturizers containing sunscreen should be used during the day.
When applying cosmetics, cleaners, moisturizers and other facial skin care products, avoid rubbing or scrubbing the skin too hard to prevent damage to the skin structure.
The action of pulling down the skin may cause the skin to drooping and should also be avoided.
The round upward movement is the best because it will stimulate blood circulation and minimize excessive stretching of the skin to make the skin healthier and stronger.
Similarly, in terms of money and time, there is no need to pay a huge price to get huge --looking skin.
Following the requirements of common sense, simple and proper facial skin care will keep your skin healthy and beautiful.
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