DIY Floor Mirror With Built-In Shelf

by:AchiKing     2020-06-28
Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find space for a wall mirror.Separate mirrors can be a great option to reorganize the room in order to find wall space for large mirrors.Because the mirror in this project is portable, you can put it where you can use the light most, pack it up and carry it with you as you move.
With this mirror holder you can find the perfect light and take everything you need.At least completely free in terms of decoration!The project will be constructed in two phases.First, you will build a frame for the mirror itself.
You will then build two vertical leg units that extend from the back of the mirror.The leg unit will support the mirror and place a shelf to store cosmetics, decorative items and other lightweight trinkets.3/4-Sandpaper (120-Full-Screw cover (match 3/4-Measuring and cutting two lengths of L-Forming and four pieces of 1x1 1/2 wooden strips of the same length as the mirror.
Polish the ends and edges to remove any debris.Thread eight 3/4-The inch screw goes through the hole on the nut.Place one side of the corner die strip on the inner surface of one of the wood strips, so that the \"L\" face of the opening will be inward.
Measure and mark the position of four screws on each side, with uniform spacing along the Strip.Pine is a cork that means you should be able to drive the screws with your hands.Use 3/4-fix the corner mold to the inner surface of the wood stripYou just put the inch screw in the screw sleeve.
Make sure that the gap between the screw head and the bottom of the corner molding is wide enough to be installed later when the mirror is installed.Close the cover on the screw.Repeat this step to create a relative Side block.Now slide these pieces to each side of the mirror so that both ends are flush with the bottom and top of the mirror.
Measure and cut a strip of 1x1/2 for the top and bottom of the mirror, in size, so that the end is flush with the outer edge of the long piece (in the cabinet work, these horizontal top and bottom of the frame are called \"tracks\", while the vertical side blocks of the frame are called \"stiles \").When measuring, make sure to lean the side beam tightly against the mirror to ensure that the top and bottom rails are properly measured.Smooth the edges of these top and bottom tracks.
Remove the mirror from the frame, drill 1/8The guide hole in inch diameter passes through the end of the bottom rail and enters the end texture of the side stiles.Now, fix the bottom rail on the vertical stiles with long screws.With these very small wooden strips, there must be Guide holes in order to avoid separating the wood with screws.
Drill a similar guide hole on the top rail, but slide the mirror in place before fixing it to the side stiles with screws.The top guide rail is then screwed in place to complete the frame.When you fix the frame and mirror, it\'s better to have an assistant to fix it.
You have finished the frame mirror now.
For the support leg unit of the mirror, you will build two large E-The shape of the Assembly, which will stretch out from the back of the mirror and place a display stand in the middle.First cut 4 pieces of wood 1x1 1/2, 4-inches long.These will be horizontal blocks at the top and bottom of the leg unit.
Cut two more, 3-inches long;These will be the center support of the leg unit and will support through the rack in the middle.Position the 4-Inches opposite the top and bottom of the long vertical support leg piece (you cut these in the first step of \"building the Mirror ).The edges should be flush.Marking the position of the pin joint that will hold the pieces together.
Select the drill bit with the same diameter as the pin, and drill into the shallow pin hole at both ends of the short horizontal piece and in the end particles of the long piece.Test the mounting pieces to ensure the fitting of the joints is comfortable (you may need to deepen the pin hole if not ).Position the 3-The center block of the inch is opposite to the long support leg block, just above the center of the support leg.
Make a reference mark to show where the pin connector will go.Drill a pin hole at the end of the 3-graininch-The Long Center supports and enters the edge of the long belt.Test this joint with a pin, as you did before.
Remove all pin joints, then coat the pin with a small amount of wood glue and reassemble the leg unit.You may need to fit the joints comfortably with a hammer.Repeat steps 1 to 3 to create another support leg unit.
Now you will connect your legs to the frame.First drill holes in the end drain of the open leg of E.\\ \"Make sure the hole is driven completely parallel to the wood sheet.
Test-Install the pin into the hole.
Face the mirror down and align the support leg unit with the side of the mirror frame.Gently mark the position of the pin on the frame.Now drill the matching pin holes on the back of the frame.
Make sure you don\'t drill through the frame all the way!The test installed the support leg unit upright on the back of the frame stiles.If the fit is correct, remove the joint, apply a small amount of wood glue and reassemble it.Now, reinforce each joint with a corner bracket, with 3/4-inch screws.
Once you \'ve done this on both sides, your mirror should be ready!Lift the mirror carefully and put it in place.Your Mirror will be a bit positive.It is very heavy at this point, so be careful not to hit it.Measure and cut a piece of pine for the shelf.
Place the shelf on the center support and secure it on the center support using the other two corner brackets.The mirror will be firm and fairly stable if built properly, but if you hit it, the weight of the mirror may cause it to drop forward.If your mirror will be placed where it may be knocked down, or if you have young children or active pets, add a second shelf at the bottom of the mirror and weigh it with heavy objects, to prevent tilt.
If you have young children or active pets, you should use the same type of support used to secure the leg assembly on the frame to hold the legs directly to the wall to avoid injury
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