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by:AchiKing     2020-06-05
Every woman pursues beautiful, perfect skin, and you only need simple skin care procedures to help you achieve a clear, radiant skin tone.
The perfect skin care system includes cleanser and toner, then a repair product, and a moisturizer for your specific skin needs.
You should choose your cleanser, toner and moisturizer based on your skin type, while your repair should be based on your specific skin issues.
Following simple skin care procedures, eating a balanced diet rich in nutrition is the most effective way to achieve a radiant complexion.
It is important to identify your skin type and skin issues to make sure that the skin care system you choose is right for you.
Everyone has unique skin, but the three most common skin types are: five most common skin problems are: initial signs of preventing UV and other environmental damage, dehydration, aging, loss of lines/wrinkles and hardness.
So if your skin is dry, your skin care system should have a repair serum to treat your main problem, which can be an uneven flaky look while your moisturizing
Finally, the cleanser and toner that you choose should help balance your skin type and thus help to treat all your skin care problems.
Older skin often lacks tightness and sufficient moisture, and the ability to repair itself is weak.
Therefore, it is very important to use anti-skin drugs to enhance the function of the skin
Aging skin care procedures, which are characterized by the repair serum used in the morning and evening before moisturizing.
Repair Serum should treat wrinkles and wrinkles, while your moisturizer should be suitable for your skin type, whether oily, dry or normal/combined.
You should use eye cream in order to complete your daily work (
Cooperate with your facial moisturizer)
Helps reduce edema, lines and dark circles.
For the oilier skin, the best skin care product is to minimize the Repair Serum by the pores under the moisturizing lotion (
Rather than thicker cream)
Containing oil control components
Make sure the lotion is light weight and oil-free to make sure your skin stays dull all day long.
For oily skin, your skin care procedure should also include a twice-weekly exfoliator and a weekly mask to help remove impurities and prevent further imperfections while improving pores.
As long as you use the right skin care products for your skin type and keep your daily routine, you will find it easier to have the perfect skin tone than you think.
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