different anti aging skin products for your skin type

by:AchiKing     2020-05-25
Want to know why there are so many different anti-aging skin products?
This is because each person has different skin types, so there are different needs for anti-aging skin products as well.
Anti-aging skin products can be antioxidants, all-
Natural or organic products, collagen and retina that can appear in the form of different cleaners, toner or moisturizers.
Before choosing anti-aging skin care products, determine your skin type.
Different skin typesOily Skin -
This is caused by too much skin fat on our skin.
Excessive sebum can clog the dirt in the pores.
Dirt and grease develop into pimples and can cause acne if not treated.
Usually, it is used to shrink pores. Dry Skin -
This is due to the reduction of sebum, which can maintain the lubrication and fullness of the skin.
It may appear flaky and dull.
Dry skin can be treated with complementary aquatic products.
Combined skin
Produce more or less sebum in different parts of the skin.
For example, on the face, there may be more sebum produced on the nose, chin, and forehead, and less sebum in other parts.
The product should be for each problem area. -Normal Skin -
This is a skin that produces a proper amount of sebum to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.
To keep your normal skin, it is recommended to clean, tone and moisturize regularly. Sensitive Skin
It is a disease that makes the skin allergic to external factors such as alcohol and fragrance in cosmetics.
Sensitive skin can also react negatively to hot and cold weather.
Gentle detergent and water can benefit this skinbased creams.
Cleaner: ideally the cleaner should be pH-balanced.
This means that they should not be too harsh on the skin, but at the same time, they have enough strength to prevent dirt and bacteria from developing into acnes.
Acne can cause scars, which become more and more difficult to remove as the skin ages.
These can also have moisturizers, so you don\'t need a separate anti-aging skin moisturizing product.
The moisturizer in the cleaner can prevent the skin from drying after cleansing.
Toner: skin toner is used to remove particles that remain on the skin.
These particles can include excess oil to make
Dust and dirt.
Toner can also improve the skin by shrinking pores.
Toner is a good anti-aging skin product because it usually contains essential oils that can improve the texture and clarity of aging skin.
Using Witch Hazel as toner for oily skin, rose water for dry skin can also soothe the skin.
Moisturizer: an anti-aging skin product that can properly hydrate aging skin and can increase significant effects.
Technically, moisturizers do not bring moisture to the skin, although good anti-aging moisturizers can effectively lock in moisture and essential oils in the skin.
Combined Anti-Aging Solution: high now
Technology cream that more
This is a task in fighting age and taking care of the skin.
Many anti-aging skin products are now a combination of ingredients and solutions designed to nourish, repair, recuperate and moisturize at the same time.
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