customizing your skin care regimen with secrets from ayurveda!

by:AchiKing     2020-05-20
Customizing your skin care program with Ayurvedic\'s secret the ancient healing traditions of Ayurvedic are making waves in the field of natural skin care.
Industry leaders are promoting the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs like Gotu Kola (
Snow grass)
The spa that offers Ayurvedic restoration therapy is on the rise throughout the country.
Ayurvedic expert and formulator of M, Rama Kant Mishra said. Spa line-
\"I\'m not surprised by this trend.
Ayurveda has a wealth of knowledge in the field of herbal skin care --
Ayurvedic preparations are usually a complex combination of different types of herbs with the benefits of synergy and balance, so the end product is effective and efficient and does not harm side effectseffects.
\\ \"Mishra warns against a decentralized skin care approach.
\"Simply adding Ayurvedic herbs or extracts to cosmetics does not make it Ayurvedic herbs,\" he said . \".
A herb with strong therapeutic properties;
However, the use of separate or inappropriate combinations sometimes does more harm than good.
For example, Gotu Kola has been shown to enhance the synthesis of collagen, but it can cause skin irritation if not used in conjunction with other balanced herbs.
\\ \"The first step in understanding your Ayurvedic skin type Ayurvedic skin care method is to find out your Ayurvedic skin type.
Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the spirit of Ayurvedic-
The physiological principle known as doshas.
They control all the activities of the body and mind and determine the physical features, emotions and mental tendencies of each person.
These three principles are a combination of five elements.
For example, Vata is mainly Air and Space, Pitta is mainly fire and water, Kapha is mainly soil and water.
Therefore, the Ayurvedic skin type of a person can be Vata, Pitta or Kapha, and sometimes a combination of these two doshas.
\\ \"In addition, a person can be born with a certain skin-
But over time, this type may change due to external factors such as climate, diet and lifestyle habits or environmental pollution.
\"This\" imbalance \"should also be considered when choosing a skin care program, Mishra suggested \".
Vata skin is usually dry, thin, cool to touch, easy to dehydrate and easily affected by dry windy weather.
Pitta is mostly fire, so Pitta skin types tend to have more outbreaks, light-sensitive, less tolerant to hot foods, and less tolerant to grumpy.
Pitta skin looks ruddy and feels warm.
Pitta skin types are more prone to freckles and moles than other skin types.
Kapha dosha is mainly water and earth, so Kapha skin tends to have all the qualities of water and earth-
It can be greasy, thick and more tolerant of the sun.
\\ \"Combination \\\" skin can be Vata-
Pitta, sensitive to dry skin, Kapha-
Oil and sensitive skin and Vata-
Kapha, the skin in some oily areas is usually dry.
The method of Ayurvedic care combination skin takes into account environmental and seasonal factors.
For example, a person with Vata
Pitta skin will follow the advice of summer Pitta skin and winter Vata skin. The Kapha-
Pitta type will follow Pitta advice in the summer and Kapha advice in the winter. The Vata-
Kapha type is best to follow the Vata guide for extra cleaning of oily areas.
Taking care of the Vata skin \"for the sake of keeping the Vata skin Young, the skin care products used should be very nutritious,\" Mishra said . \".
\"They must include some essential oils or herbs that can nourish the skin and replenish moisture, otherwise wrinkles and premature aging can easily occur. \\\" A Vata-
Soothe the way of life-
Like to sleep on time, eat three meals and follow the routine ---
Is an important part of the overall approach to Vata skin care, as is eating foods that help balance Vata and nourish Vata skin.
Here are some tips to care for Vata skin: provide extra nutrients to the skin by adding organic milk, whole grains and green leafy vegetables to the diet.
Drink plenty of warm water every day for internal hydration.
Eat a lot of sweet juicy fruits that help clean the body from the inside and provide hydration.
Including a little healthy fat, such as butter (
Clarified butter)
Or add olive oil to your diet to increase lubrication.
A warm oil
Massage is very good for keeping the skin lubricated.
With a gentle, all
A natural moisturizer that keeps facial skin hydrated.
Provide extra deep fat support with facial oil.
Take a good rest and give your brain and body a chance to recharge.
Use mild moisture
When you wash, balance the cleanser and splash your face several times with water.
Caring for Pitta skin \"Pitta skin types need to be cooled and cultivated,\" said Mishra.
Use skin care products that help enhance the ability to resist sunlight.
Avoid tanning treatments and treatments that expose delicate and sensitive skin to steam for a long time.
\\ \"Ayurvedic herbal flame in the forest can help protect Pitta\'s skin from photossensitivity.
But like other Ayurvedic herbs, it needs to be used in combination with other herbs to achieve a balanced effect on the skin.
To care for Pitta skin, please follow the following guidelines: stay away from rough synthetic cosmetics;
They can hurt your sensitive skin and cause it to breakouts.
Avoid spicy food and excessive depth
Fried food has added heat to the already hot constitution.
Eat a lot of sweet and juicy fruit every day, and eat some rose petal jam in the cool milk.
Rose is considered a cooling of the mind, body and emotion.
Use cooling oil such as coconut oil in daily massage.
Cook with spices such as fennel and licorice.
When you are out in the sun, pay special attention to protecting your skin.
Clean and moisturize with gentle, natural skin care products.
Additional lipid support such as facial skin oil is provided every other day.
Kapha skin care \\ \"Kapha skin is easier to accumulate ama due to its thickness and oil--
Toxins under the skin
\"People with Kapha skin need to do regular detoxification, including internal and external detoxification, to remove toxins from the skin,\" Kapra said . \".
Scrub the skin with a gentle horny clay helps the outside clean.
Kapha skin type may also need to take herbal preparations to clean the skin from the inside.
Some tips for taking care of Kapha skin: avoid eating too much sweets or deep food
Fried food will increase the oil of the skin.
Exercise every day to improve blood circulation.
The Daily warm oil massage also helps circulation.
Eat more organic vegetables and fruits to help the body clean from the inside.
Clean the skin twice a day;
Exfoliating with mud
Wear a mask at least once a week.
Cook with warm spices such as ginger and black pepper to ignite the digestive fire and inhibit the accumulation of ama in the body.
This information is educational and does not intend to replace standard medical or advice.
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