acne and dry skin - a tough combination

by:AchiKing     2020-05-29
The hardest thing about keeping a clear and healthy skin combination is acne and dry skin.
This skin type, also known as combined skin, poses its own challenge as each skin requires two completely different environmental and skin care procedures.
Although this is a challenge, there are a few things you can do to keep your combined skin looking healthy and vibrant all year round.
The first thing you should remember about combining skins is that products designed to individually offset each issue will not work for your skin.
This is due to the fact that products prepared for dry skin contain oils and moisturizers, which may increase your acne problem.
On the other hand, products designed to dry acne can cause dry skin.
What should you do?
Always use products formulated for the combined skin.
These products help improve skin condition by moisturizing dry skin and absorbing oil on oily, acne-prone skin.
Keep in mind that moisture and oil are two separate things.
You can absorb oil and change moisture at the same time without aggravating and existing acne conditions.
Methods: Skin Care for acne and dry skin when dealing with acne and dry skin, one of the most important things you should remember is that the skin care program is critical.
It is impossible for you to be stingy and ignore the needs of your skin.
If you do this, you will be messed up.
The most basic skin care procedure should include the following: * cleanser-
Use a balance cleanser to gently clean the skin and not dry the skin.
Skin that is prone to acne is easier to be cleaned than other types of skin.
Remember this when choosing cleanser.
Choose what you can use multiple times a day. * Toner -
Toner and astring are important components of any acne skin care procedure.
Be careful, though.
Toner for many skin prone to acne is very dry.
You need to make sure that anything you use is made for skin prone to acne and patches for dry skin. * Lotion -
Be sure to use a lotion every day that will make your skin cleaner.
A good daily lotion moisturizes dry skin while absorbing skin oils that cause acne.
* Intensive treatment-
For particularly difficult parts, the skin can be treated on the spot.
Use acne treatment only in areas that continue to be affected by acne.
You can also moisturize particularly dry skin with a night-time powerful moisturizer that is only applied to your dry skin.
Dry skin and acne: the thing to avoid is like something you should do to treat your combined skin, something you should avoid.
Keep in mind that everyone\'s skin is different and your skin may tolerate the following to some extent. * Sun -
The sun is the primary factor in dry and aging skin.
On the other hand, ultraviolet rays can play a magical role in removing acne.
To get the benefits of UV against acne without sunbathing, go to the tanning bed twice a week for about 7 minutes each time.
This light will not tan or damage your skin, but will help dry your acne.
* Cleaning pad-
Many cleansing pads specially formulated for acne skin are very rough and are not suitable for use on dry skin.
People with oily skin can use this mat several times a day, but people with dry skin should not use this mat at all.
* Oil and moisturizer-
Just as many treatments for acne can dry the skin, many treatments for dry skin can also cause acne.
Avoid products that use heavy oil and moisturizers.
Perfumes and certain moisturizers can also cause skin rupture.
It is not necessary to confuse and impossible to treat dry skin and acne combined skin.
This can be as simple as reading the product label and making sure that the product you purchased is formulated for your unique skin.
There are several good products on the market that are suitable for combining skin;
All you need to do is find the one that suits you best. Remember;
The combined skin can be difficult to handle, but it can also be beautiful, healthy, vibrant and acne-free.
Do your homework and you will find the right skin care procedure for your skin to dry and acne.
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