a guide to successful combination skincare - even out your oily and dry skin effectively

by:AchiKing     2020-06-06
We all want to avoid oily and overly dry skin, but many of us are affected by both.
Covering the skin of the forehead, nose and chin (
Commonly known as T-zone)
Large pores may be oily.
But there is dry skin on the cheek.
This is the time you need to follow the combination skin care advice.
First of all, you need to avoid things that lead to increased skin imbalance.
This may be some creams containing mineral oils, alcohol and chemicals.
They are too harsh on the skin and cause flaws and dryness.
Avoid using detergents containing alcohol and chemicals.
Although they will initially make your skin feel good, they will only add to the problem in the long run.
They will make your skin produce more oil to compensate for what it just lost.
Use all natural skin care products.
It may be wise to moisturize all parts of the face\'s skin, as even oily skin will dry under the surface and crave some nutrients.
Moisturizing creams suitable for combined skin contain ingredients that help to regulate the production of oils and fats, thus improving dry and oily skin.
The composition of the Maracuja and jojojoba oils helps to solve this problem.
In order to reduce oily skin more, deep treatment with facial mask once a week.
It should be purified, cleaned and nourished.
Look for a mask containing nutrients such as kaolum, Bentong gel and active manuka honey.
Treat dry or normal skin once a week with a hydrating mask in depth to make it deeply moisturized and glowing.
Rigin, avocado oil and diaper are the perfect ingredients.
As long as you use natural products and stay away from harsh chemicals, it\'s easy to improve your skin tone with the right combination of skin care products.
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